From Wolf Hall the Book to Wolf Hall the TV Drama: What does Hilary Mantel think?


Radio Times reported some exciting news that BBC is poised to commission Wolf Hall series two when the third book the Mirror and the Light is out.

“Executive producer Colin Callender tells that the production team and actors Mark Rylance and Damian Lewis are “eager” to film the last book in the trilogy, The Mirror and the Light.

Author Hilary Mantel is currently writing the final installment in the series, which will take us up to Thomas Cromwell’s demise on the chopping block.

“We are waiting for Hilary to deliver it, but everybody involved felt they were making something of substance,” Callender said. “Subject to everybody’s schedule I think they will want to come back.”

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Wolf Hall Episode 4: The Devil’s Spit


Have I told you that I’ve been reading Wolf Hall for a second time in parallel? It’s been great fun, and this is really some overdose that would never kill you, but instead nourish you 🙂 And, every time I see an episode, I am just fascinated by Peter Straughan’s adaptation: The script is wonderfully condensed with most of the conversation coming directly from Hilary Mantel’s pen. What a good feeling it is to hear some of the BEST lines I have ever read coming out of Mark Rylance or Damian Lewis’ mouth. Pure brilliance. Continue reading “Wolf Hall Episode 4: The Devil’s Spit”

Damian Lewis is making Billions in NY! What do we know? What do we want to know? UPDATED

UPDATE 03/24: Drumroll! Showtime has just picked up Billions as a series. The series will be in filmed in NY later this year for a 2016 premiere on the network!

This is what David Nevins, the President of Showtime says about Billions:


Congratulations to the entire cast and crew!

We’re waiting for you with open arms in New York!

Well, it’s a challenge to catch up with Damian Lewis nowadays! In fact, he has collected quite a few frequent flier miles these couple of months on Transatlantic flights.

source: Daily Mail
source: Daily Mail

First, He was in LA for TCA Winter Press Tour for Wolf Hall, then he was in New York to shoot new Showtime Drama Pilot Billions. Then he was in Berlin for Queen of the Desert World Premiere at Berlinale 2015. Then he was in London to attend pre-BAFTA Charles Finch and Chanel dinner… Then he was again on a plane flying stateside. Continue reading “Damian Lewis is making Billions in NY! What do we know? What do we want to know? UPDATED”

TOP Damian Lewis moments at Berlinale 2015

Ladies and Gentlemen, Queen of the Desert has finally arrived!

source: Berlinale

Queen of the Desert, the highly anticipated biopic about Gertrude Bell, a historian, novelist and member of the British Secret Service, directed by Werner Herzog, and starring Nicole Kidman, Damian Lewis, James Franco and Robert Pattinson has arrived at Berlinale 2015 complete with a photo shoot, press screening followed by a press conference with some FUN moments and, of course, the Red Carpet. We were extremely lucky to be able to see both the Press Conference and the Red Carpet LIVE on the festival website. That’s what I call public service 🙂 You can now watch the Press Conference and the Red Carpet here. Thank you, Berlinale! Continue reading “TOP Damian Lewis moments at Berlinale 2015”

Wolf Hall Episode 3: “Anna Regina”


As much as Wolf Hall is this smart, dark political drama, Episode 3 is probably the happiest episode in the series. Henry, Anne and Thomas all get what they have wanted for a long, long time… “Anna Regina” has HOPE — in particular, the hope of the male heir that the King has long been obsessed with…

Well, let’s start with Henry. The King wants… well, Anne! He has desired her for years! “I’ve known passion, Cromwell,” he says as they look at “Anselma” together, which he sends to Austin Friars as a gift later. “With Anne. I shake, do you understand, I shake.” Continue reading “Wolf Hall Episode 3: “Anna Regina””