Trivia Tuesday on Abbey Road

Abbey Road, London. It’s special. It’s special because it houses the famous zebra crossing that the Beatles walk on the cover of their fantastic album, titled, of course, Abbey Road.


Can you imagine, how many fans, from England and all around the world, speaking all different languages, but sharing the same love for the Beatles, have crossed the street posing like one of the Fab Four?

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Wolf Hall on PBS, Episode One: Three Card Trick

“Perhaps you should teach me your Three Card Trick… in case we both end up on the streets.” -Cardinal Wolsey

source: BBC
source: BBC

“Three-Card Trick” is a slow-burning episode that sets the scene for Wolf Hall. We get to meet our protagonist, Thomas Cromwell, and find out about his personal tragedy — from his humble beginnings as a violent blacksmith’s son to losing his wife and two daughters to “sweating sickness.” Cromwell starts at the bottom, escapes from home at an early age, spends time in Europe, learns trade, fights for France, and is now a pretty affluent lawyer in the service of Cardinal Wolsey, the Lord Chancellor of the King Henry VIII. Still, our Thomas is “Master” Cromwell — or  “a person” as Duke of Norfolk likes to call him — essentially, he doesn’t have a title. Continue reading “Wolf Hall on PBS, Episode One: Three Card Trick”

Meet the “Leading Lady” of Wolf Hall

Oh, no, I am not talking about Claire Foy. She is absolutely a brilliant actress, however it turns out the “leading lady of Wolf Hall” is… Damian Lewis!

How come? Read and find out 🙂

source: BBC
source: BBC

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Why We Talk about Codpiece When We Talk about Wolf Hall


Well, there has been one single most important controversy about Wolf Hall that got everyone talking about for months now… The codpiece 🙂

It was during the filming of Wolf Hall this past summer that I noticed some unusual interest in the codpiece. Historian Lucy Worsley, who interviewed Damian Lewis on the set of Wolf Hall, tweeted:

source: Lucy Worsley twitter

Codpiece? Now, where did this come from? Continue reading “Why We Talk about Codpiece When We Talk about Wolf Hall”

What to Expect When We are Expecting Wolf Hall :)


Wolf Hall FUN arrived in the US in January with a new hashtag in the King Henry’s hands: #WolfHallPBS And, it is arriving, finally, in our living rooms this Sunday at 10pm on PBS Masterpiece Theater!

And… The King has just spoken, ladies and gentlemen!

See the MOST hilarious tweet from PBS with HenryVIII inviting us all to watch Wolf Hall 🙂

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