Two Years with Damian Lewis

Hello Everyone!

Fan Fun with Damian Lewis is two years old today!

Here we are… 731 days, 489 blog posts and over 478K views from 174 countries later… absolutely thrilled and totally beaming about how far we have come thanks to YOU! Our birthday is the perfect opportunity to thank YOU, our wonderful readers, for the amazing love and support you have given us for the past two years. Thank you for reading us, giving us feedback, following us on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram. Thank you for making Fan Fun a part of your life and we hope you stay with us and keep sharing the FUN! From Billions Season 2 to Goat, or Who is Sylvia? Damian has so much in store for us this year!

With Love,

Fan Fun Team

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A Weekend with Damian Lewis: Revisit

A revisit this week to a post that recently came up in conversation: Meeting Damian at the New Yorker Festival last year, ie the last year before last year. 🙂

Where do I even start with a retelling of the events of October 3, 2015, my first time seeing Damian Lewis in person? Seems like my experience was clouded by a fangirl fugue state that started when he first walked into the theater for his interview with Lauren Collins, reached a new crescendo with the Cleo reading, and didn’t let up until days later, when I could sit and recall it all in a moment of tranquility. As we were wrapping up our immersion into The Weekend with Damian Lewis provided by the New Yorker Festival, Damianista wanted to talk about how we would write about the events, who would write what, and when. Truthfully, I said, I could take that 90 minute interview and churn out a post about every 15 minute chunk of it. And that’s not even including the Green Room time, which in my fugue state felt like 5 minutes, but, in reality, I’m assured, was much longer. Such was the richness of the experience.

Granted, for the hard core Damian fans, there were several things we’d already read or heard him say before. But even those topics that had been touched upon over the years in one forum or another (eg Damian being told he got the Dick Winters role when he was still drunk from a night carousing in Santa Monica and his visit with President Obama) were retold under a fresh light. And how fresher a light can there be than when the subject of the interview is sitting less than five feet in front of you. Blazing light, to be perfectly honest.

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Billions Season 2: “Peace Sells… But Who’s Buying?” Not Axe. *UPDATED*

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Happy New Year!

We are finally in the homestretch to Billions Season 2 with just over a month and a half to go! And the last couple of weeks have given us enough to keep the adrenaline flowing! We now have Season 2 art work, two new teasers, Season 2 Tease and “Cover Your Assets” Tease, revealing a bit more about the state of mind our characters are in, as well as some thrilling casting news!

Well, while I was thinking if my dream show could make me any happier, Billions has done it again. The brilliant Asia Kate Dillon, who you may know from Orange is the New Black, is joining Billions as Taylor, an exceptionally gifted new intern at Axe Capital. In addition to being an exciting character, Taylor as well as Dillon self-identify as gender non-confirming. And we just applaud the way Billions uses the power of art to celebrate diversity.

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TOP Damian Lewis Moments 2016: Hand in Hand

“Marry someone you love and someone who you like. I am incredibly lucky. We are constantly apart and in stimulating situations; it’s feast or famine.” –Helen McCrory

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It is no secret we adore this couple and we are extremely pleased to end this year — exactly like we did last year — with some TOP Damian & Helen moments 2016!

Well, it is obviously not easy to be two ridiculously talented actors living together and raising a family. I remember Damian telling us at Cheltenham Literature Festival that the problem never goes away:

“When you’re two actors living together, you’re always asked to do work away from your home, so you just have to decide which ones are important enough to go and do away from home and try to spend the rest of the time together.”

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Top Damian Lewis Moments 2016: Soccer Aid

What a match Soccer Aid 2016 at Old Trafford turned out to be! So much so that it makes it into our Top Moments of 2016 for Damian Lewis.

Sure as shootin’, England came ready to play, with energy, enthusiasm, and most of all, a truly united front. With the Rest of the World, they 1) raised a tidy sum for UNICEF, a wonderful cause helping children all over the world and 2) Gave us a beauty of a show over a muggy evening at the Old Trafford in Manchester.

Generated by IJG JPEG Library
Generated by IJG JPEG Library

Let’s look together at some highlights of the match, shall we? Oh, and, England took away the trophy, 3 – 2, just so you know. 🙂

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