Life with Charlie Crews, Season 2: Episodes 19-21

Hey, all!  Holliedazzle here. Labor day has now come and gone, and for me that always felt like the unofficial end of summer.  So, as the summer comes to an end, so does our “Life with Charlie Crews” summer series. We’d like to welcome you all to our season two wrap up!


This Tuesday is extra special, as not only are we talking about the last 3 episodes of the entire season, we are ALL talking about them!  Each one of our fabulous contributors is weighing in on these final three episodes. Enjoy!


“I want a peaceful soul. I need a bigger gun.” — Charlie Crews

source: nbc
source: nbc

Last three episodes, other than the two “bad relationship” murders, build to the finale where we find out a lot but still do not have a proper closure. I am thinking out loudly about Season 2 wrap up below and cut some slack to the show runners since they probably did not know NBC would cancel Life and so deliberately left open questions for Season 3. Continue reading “Life with Charlie Crews, Season 2: Episodes 19-21”

Much Ado About Nothing

Ah, the romantic comedy: A genre when presented as an evening’s viewing option has sent many an otherwise lovey-dovey couple to opposite ends of the couch. I have to say the romantic comedy has never been my first stop when Netflix surfing. Actually, it’s rarely my choice at all, unless When Harry Met Sally is on (the last great romantic comedy, IMO) or the least appreciated but my personal favorite of the Meg Ryan/Tom Hanks vehicles: Joe vs. the Volcano. [The guy falls for different versions of the SAME woman; how much more romantic (and comedic) can you get?]

William Shakespeare knew a thing or two about romantic comedies. In fact, he invented the genre! The formula of boy meets girl, they run up against some obstacles, surmount said obstacles with the help of a jocular coterie of friends, and live happily ever after: That’s Shakespeare! And perhaps the most seminal of his romantic comedies is Much Ado About Nothing. The plot and characters gave rise to many adaptations and permutations. There was the beautifully hilarious big-screen adaptation in 1993 with real-life couple-at-the-time Kenneth Branagh and Emma Thompson. More recently, in 2012, there was another lovely big-screen adaptation, this time by Joss Whedon, set in modern times but true to Shakespearean language. And between those two, in 2005, our very own Damian Lewis starred as Benedick in a BBC adaptation of the story, set in modern times with modern language, for their series Shakespeare ReTold.


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Life with Charlie Crews, Season 2, Episodes 16-18

Happy Tuesday, everyone! We are coming down to the end of our summer with Charlie Crews! Thank you so much for watching along with us, we’ve had a lot of fun re-discovering this series.

I’m tasked today with episodes 16, 17 and 18, today. Let’s get started!
Episode 16 starts with the “vroom-vroom” of Charlie’s beautiful car. It’s a car that always causes my husband to make happy noises when he sees it. Charlie may not be attached, but here in my house, we love a good V-8, and we ain’t talkin’ ’bout tomato juice! California is a “hands-free” state, where you need to use cellular phones in a “hands-free” mode while driving. Charlie’s not excused from following the law, though at times he might behave as such. He’s on the phone with a very professional tech support agent in a far away land. She’s doing her best to keep Charlie, and his ever-wandering conversational style, on point. Keeping Charlie on task is not an easy job. Continue reading “Life with Charlie Crews, Season 2, Episodes 16-18”

3, 2, 1 – wield the Axe

Take your favorite DL character and write him waking up from a crazy dream? It can be either something comical or something nightmarish, maybe the dream could even be in relation to other roles he’s played e.g. Charlie dreams about Brody or vice versa.’ 


This is our own go at the prompt from last month.

Disclaimer – Life, Charlie Crews and assorted other characters mentioned therefrom; Billions, Bobby and assorted other characters mentioned therefrom; Homeland, Brody, Tom and Mike do not belong to us and Paul does not belong to us either…Unfortunately. They belong to NBC, Showtime (Billions and Homeland) and BBC respectively. No copyright infringement or money making scheme intended. This is purely for reading enjoyment.

As/N You will definitely need your imagination for this one…enjoy!

source: BBC
source: BBC

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Throwback Thursday: “Back to School” with Damian Lewis


It’s that time of the year! Most kids around me and, of course, not just kids, but also adults like me, whose job is teaching from Pre-K to university are all going back to school!

Happy School Year to students, parents and teachers!

And… as I connect everything happening in the universe somehow to Damian Lewis, “Back to School” time desperately calls for a post that will take us back to Damian’s EARLY school days! Continue reading “Throwback Thursday: “Back to School” with Damian Lewis”