Top Damian Lewis Moment 2016: Antony’s Speech for The Guardian

Today’s Top Moment of the year is one that still comes up in Damian’s Twitter timeline, many months after it was first released, a brilliant short video of Damian reading Marc Antony’s “Friends, Romans, countrymen” speech from Julius Caesar for The Guardian’s video series Shakespeare Solos. Several lit profs have tweeted thanks to Damian, remarking that they use his speech when they teach the play. Actually literature professors and acting teachers alike have found something remarkable in Damian’s prescient delivery. It’s a master class, both on the role of the speech within the play and on acting.


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Top Damian Lewis Moments 2016: “Blue Blood, Blue Collar” in The New Yorker

Continuing with Top Moments of 2016, I’m going to take us back to the start of this year, to an article published in The New Yorker. It’s a portrait of Damian Lewis, titled “Blue Blood, Blue Collar“, by Lauren Collins, the same writer we had seen in conversation with Damian at the New Yorker Festival late in 2015. Now, in case you haven’t figured it out from the sometimes pretentiously highbrow way I try to write, I’ve been a fan of The New Yorker for a really long time. I actually started reading as a 16 year old, finding my first copies in the community college library, getting that picture of all the great things to do and see in New York and feeding my imagination of one day living the life of a New York intellectual. (ICYMI, that didn’t happen. For me, at least.:))

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TOP Damian Lewis Moments 2016: Time Out London Spy Weekend

source: Damianista

Hey, it’s THAT time of the year again! We have “Best Of 2016” lists wherever we look: Best Books of 2016, Best Movies of 2016, Best Albums of 2016 and so on… And, it is our utmost pleasure to jump on the “Best of” wagon with our TOP Damian Lewis Moments of 2016! We’d just love to take the last ten days or so of the year to reflect on the wonderful year Damian has had personally and professionally and hope to make you re-live those moments and SMILE and SMILE BIG!

We don’t intend to rank the top moments as many “Best Of” lists do. And we just pick moments in which, we believe, Damian shines as a brilliant actor, a wonderful storyteller, a true gentleman or just a guy who knows to have a good time!

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Billions Season 2: “Peace Sells… But Who’s Buying?” Not Axe.

source: Showtime

We are finally in that last stretch, exactly 2 months away from Billions Season 2 Premiere on Showtime, and this week has been exceptional that it started with new Season 2 poster followed by a new Season 2 tease revealing a bit more about the state of mind our characters are in, and ended with some thrilling casting news!

I wanna start with the casting news! Well, while I was thinking if my dream show could make me any happier, Billions has done it again. The brilliant Asia Kate Dillon, who you may know from Orange is the New Black, is joining Billions as Taylor, an exceptionally gifted new intern at Axe Capital. In addition to being an exciting character, Taylor as well as Dillon self-identify as gender non-confirming. And we just applaud the way Billions uses the power of art to celebrate diversity.

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The Physicality of Bobby Axelrod in
Billions *UPDATED*

This post is long overdue. I blogged about “American” Damian Lewis more than a year ago talking about Damian’s freaking good American accent that could, in fact, fool people about his nationality. As I was writing that post in July 2015, first pictures from Billions set popped up online. I shared them inviting everyone to meet the new “American” Damian: Bobby Axelrod!


What do you see in these pictures? I see a good looking American guy! As soon as we see the pictures, JaniaJania and I speculate about what makes Damian look American: She says it may be the haircut. I say it may be his relaxed posture with legs apart and hands in pockets.

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Billions *UPDATED*”