Fan Fun with Damian Lewis is Calling All Fans! *FOURTH CALL*

Hi everyone!

First things first: Thank you so much to all of you that responded to our first call about “Fan Stories” project. We have already received many wonderful fan stories but we want MORE!

We are launching a brand new project on Fan Fun with Damian Lewis and we would LOVE you to be a part of it!

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Billions: To B or not to B

I have taken quite the liking to Bryan Connerty and during season one of Billions I began following Toby Moore on twitter. I was interested to note that Toby had actually studied law himself. Someone tweeted Toby saying they loved Billions and that some of their friends were having similar struggles to Bryan. Toby tweeted back that “they should question everything.”

Apart from being great advice in general for anyone studying law, it made me wonder more about where Bryan will be in season two.

Throughout season one it seemed that Bryan was being set up for a switch to team Axe and I had much fun sounding off about it on here and to Damianista and JaniaJania. However, Holliedazzle has offered another perspective on it that, in fact, Bryan will find a way to get his feet out from under Chuck while still trying to put Bobby or men like Bobby behind bars. This is very possible – either choice poses great problems for the character.

Source: Showtime
Source: Showtime

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Queen of the Desert UPDATE: Coming to IFC Spring 2017

imageedit_37_8702110920 We’ve just learned that IFC films has acquired the U.S. rights to Queen of the Desert. We’ll finally be able to see it when IFC releases the film in Spring 2017! On the occasion of this great news, let’s revisit what I’ve written about the film so far.

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Damian Lewis LOVES Singing Show Tunes!

“And Damian [Lewis] likes to sing show tunes, surprisingly.” — Maggie Siff about lighthearted moments on Billions set


Well, Maggie, you have known Damian for a short while so it is okay you are surprised. Are we surprised at all? No way! And I would say Claire Danes would not be surprised, either 😀

This is what Claire tells Digital Spy about Damian:

“I don’t think most people know what a song-and-dance man he is. I suspect Damian’s dream gig would be a Broadway musical, and he would be amazing. He actually took tap-dancing lessons throughout the filming of Homeland’s second season.”

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Damian Lewis on Fame and Fans

I didn’t know people could get that famous. Just briefly, I felt like Justin Bieber for a second. – Damian Lewis

source: Times Talks
source: Times Talks

Damian answers Cara Buckley’s question at Times Talks about whether he misses Homeland which was “obviously a huge pivot” in his career: “I have to say I felt pretty famous after Band of Brothers. I was like ‘well, I am doing alright, this is good, people stop me on the street, pat me on the back, say ‘I love your work Damian’ or they go ‘thank you for winning the second world war, sir!’… you know… as I peel off my tights doing Shakespeare somewhere on stage: ‘thank you, this is awkward…’ so reminding people that I am just an actor… But Homeland… You’re right… I didn’t know people could get that famous. Just briefly, I felt like Justin Bieber for a second… It was a phenemenon, you’re right, it was a phenomenon.”

This little dialogue inspires me to think of the relationship between the actor and his fans! We, as fans, are constantly talking about Damian. We post about him, tweet about him, and some of us even blog about him 🙂 We are pretty much set on what we think about Damian… but what does Damian think about fame and his fans?

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