My all-time Favorite Homeland Episode: Q&A


As I wrote earlier in my first ever post “How I stopped worrying about Kevin and loved Damian” here, Homeland Season 2 Episode 5: Q&A sealed the deal for me.

That is the Brody I fell in love with.

I believe in conversation as the most intimate of human relations.
No, not sex, but real talk. Bonding over some raw and unmasked conversation.

I don’t think you can beat that with anything.

And, in Q&A, my favorite episode, the man and the woman, who have been playing the best cat and mouse I have ever seen on TV were finally UNMASKED.

The episode has several moving parts, but I want to focus on the centerpiece — the interrogation scene.

Carrie turns off the cameras in the interrogation room.
“Alone at last.”

She says:
“It’s the lies that undo us.
It’s the lies that we think we need to survive.
When was the last time you told the truth?”

Brody doesn’t say much.
But, as usual, with Damian Lewis, LESS is MORE.
The way he looks at Carrie during the interrogation is absolutely heart-breaking.

He is broken, well, almost.
“I did not wear a vest.”
Tears fall down his face.
And, his voice is giving him away.

source: Showtime
source: Showtime

How can you make Brody both terrified and relieved at the same time?

How can you do that, Damian?

Brody is not the only person in the room that is broken though.
Carrie is broken, too.

“That’s the Brody I met up in that cabin.”

source: Showtime
source: Showtime

“That’s the Brody I fell in love with.”

Tears come down her face, too.

Here is a conversation where a man confesses his crimes to a woman who makes him to, but simultaneously the man and the woman are falling for each other.

Pure theater with jaw-dropping performances by the two leads.

As Maureen Ryan, the TV critic from HuffPost suggests, this episode “proved that two people talking can be the most fascinating thing on earth.”

I just applaud the writers, the directors, and the actors!! No wonder that the late Henry Bromell got the Best Writing Award for this episode at the Golden Globes (posthumously) and both Damian Lewis and Claire Danes got Best Actor and Best actress awards, respectively, for their performances in this episode [side note: apparently, actors and actresses submit a particular episode for the evaluation of their performances for acting awards].

Ok. I have now spilled the beans about my favorite episode…
BUT I JUST CANNOT STOP here because I am very much in MY HOMELAND MOOD!!!!

Now, dear fans, if you are interested at all in my favorite scenes… my very dear friend Ozgur and I made a music video as a loving tribute our most favorite star-crossed lovers, Brody and Carrie. Ozgur accommodated all my choices, chose the beautiful music, and only wanted to choose the last scene in the video, and did a brilliant job in all! He also provided all technical expertise! Thank you so much, my friend, I am so lucky to have you, not just for this music video, of course, but for all that we have shared, including real conversations!

I know I shared the music video here before, but it was earlier…. Oh, yes, I know, I am just trying to find a good excuse to share the video again!!! Shameless self-promotion!!! But I just cannot help it!

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4 thoughts on “My all-time Favorite Homeland Episode: Q&A”

    1. Thank you, Monique! I was telling my friend for months during Season 3 that they would kill Brody and he said it would be really dumb to kill him in the show but he promised me that if Brody died then we would make a tribute video for him and WE DID! You cannot believe how much thought went into that video — choosing all the scenes, the music, etc 🙂 I still have not watched that horrific hanging scene, so there was no way it would go into the video. I just could not watch it, I don’t think I will ever be able to watch it! Merci Beaucoup for visiting and reading us! Much love <3

  1. I believe that the interrogation scènes, is the scene where Damian is the most great, where he deploys all his immense talent!It can not have something so great!

    What luck, of being a fan of the greatest actor in the world!

    1. We are absolutely very lucky to follow him! Oh yes Q&A is an amazing episode It has received Golden Globes for the writing, and also both Damian Lewis and Claire Danes submitted that episode for Golden Globes and they both got the award. That was a GOOD night! 🙂

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