Billions, Season 4: Expectations, Things We’d Like To See (or not!) and a Fantasy or Two!!

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Hello from the Trader’s Desk!

I hope you all had a fabulous winter, and are ready to get Spring rolling with Axe, Chuck, Wendy and the gang!

As we all eagerly anticipate Season 4 of our favorite show, “Billions“, we here at Fan Fun thought it would be interesting for us to share some of our thoughts on the upcoming season.

The end of Season 3 left us all gagging!! Axe and Chuck friends? Axe and Taylor enemies? The landscape has surely shifted for Season 4, and we have some thoughts!!

What do you think will happen in Season 4?? 

Lady Trader

One Expectation : I don’t know if it is a good idea to have expectations when it comes to Billions, as the writers know how to mess with you, in the right ways of course! The several trailers we have seen give us a glimpse of what may happen, so we can’t really go by them. I expect Taylor will get in over their head with Andolov, and may turn to Axe for help. I think Axe will do it (more so for the ego trip that Taylor needs to come to him, less so than to actually help Taylor), but the question will be: at what price? I don’t believe the new “forgive and forget” Axe that is friends with Chuck extents to Taylor. I also expect some kick-ass music throughout the series.

One Fantasy: Well, how can I push my luck when my fantasy from last season actually came true? So, I’m going a bit smaller this time. I would love to see a scene filmed on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. Most trading is done electronically, and a trading floor is really not needed in this day and age, but as someone who once worked at the American Stock Exchange, and was on the trading floor often, the energy of real traders and runners cannot be replicated.

One Wish: My wish is going to sound strange, but here it is: I wish Mafee would get out from under both Taylor and Axe’s  spells and go open his own shop! He is one of the only genuine “good guys” on this show, and he deserves to be true to himself and his values.

Looking Forward to: I’m looking forward to the cat and mouse game between Taylor and Axe. For the first 3 seasons, that chess match was between Axe and Chuck, so it will be interesting to see a new dynamic. Also, many of my post from last season talk about the breakdown in the Axe/Taylor relationship, and I can’t wait to see how two characters who are super smart, and know each other so well play this game. I’ll miss the fireworks between Chuck and Axe, but have no doubt their will be some cherry bombs between the new adversaries!

Not Looking Forward to: There really isn’t anything I’m not looking forward to, so I’m going to have to go with the creepy character of Grigor Andolov. He is just very bad news for everyone involved with him. I know I have always said my moral compass does not necessarily point true North, but I do draw the line at murderous Russians!


One Expectation:
I expect Axe, Chuck and Wendy to whip some ass together like the Justice League, capes not included. We saw the Trifecta meeting together at the end of season three and from the teasers and trailers released thus far, the conspiring should be epic. Chuck is up against Waylon “Jock” Jeffcoat, Bryan Connerty, and Kate Slacker and Axe is up against Taylor Mason, Dudley Mafee, and Grigor Andolov. Three against three against three.

One Fantasy:
For Axe and Lara to get back together – for Axe to be the loyal family man I came to appreciate. But I know that is not going to happen since Malin Akerman’s role will be a recurring role only, that’s why it is a fantasy.

One Wish:
I have mentioned before that Axe won season one, Chuck won season two, and both Axe and Chuck lost in season three – so my wish is that both Axe and Chuck win, within their own respective territories, in season four.

Looking Forward To:
I am looking forward to the cameos, music, fast-paced story telling and pop culture references of each episode. You know, that traditional but legendary Billions formula. And also Wags…lots and lots of Wags.

Not Looking Forward To:
I can’t think of anything I’m not looking forward to because I love everything about  Billions!


One Expectation / One Fantasy: Well, I am not 100% sure about this to call it an expectation but I do not think it is unrealistic enough to be a fantasy, either. So let’s call this one my HOPE.

Firstly, I salute Billions writers for deftly turning the story from an inter-sectoral pissing contest into an intra-sectoral and an inter-generational one. Axe and Chuck are seasoned at what they do while Taylor and Bryan are inexperienced. They are young idealists who have tried to avoid the shady games they witnessed their mentors play. And both believed in their mentors who constantly disappointed, humiliated, and ultimately suffocated them.

Now that the palace coup is complete, it may not take much time for Bryan and Taylor to understand that, to be able to keep their place in the world, they may need to bend and compromise. And especially when the urge to protect themselves gets the better of them, they may have the capacity to do things they never thought they ever would. Don’t they both look pretty stressed out in Season 4 trailer?

While we have always seen the two of them trying to do the right thing in their respective jobs, can Bryan and Taylor perform at their best under the constant watch of AG Jeffcoat and Grigor Andolov, respectively? So I expect and fantasize that the young coup plotters feel the urge, not immediately but ultimately, to go back to their former mentors and join forces with them to get rid of the true villains for whom human lives do not matter at all.

One Wish: When we wrote about our hopes, wishes and fantasies for Season 3, it was my wish that Bobby would make amends to the man who let him have pizza without paying for weeks when he was a young boy. As much as I am happy to see Bobby and Bruno clinking glasses, I am sad we have not heard a true apology from Bobby. But maybe this is the best his kind can do.

Bobby: “Oh, fuck I never meant for business to get between us.”

Bruno: “Eh I should’ve never brought it to you in the first place. Friendship should stay clean.”

As I have shared with the actor who brings Axe to life on screen back in December, Axe broke my heart when he broke Bruno’s and I really want him to make amends to the man who has been a true father figure in his life. Am I asking for too much, Bobby? Oh, and I really wish we could find out more about Bobby’s relationship with his mom.

Looking Forward to: I am looking forward to Axe and Chuck working together this season and dying to know about the extent of their cooperation. Add Wendy to the mix, and those three brains can move mountains! Besides, coming from two different worlds, Axe and Chuck have access to different kinds of resources and connections that a cooperation would only strengthen each man’s hand. And wouldn’t it be fun to see Hall solving a personal problem for Chuck or Chuck Senior playing marriage counselor to Axe? 😀 But the billion dollar question stands: How long will this honeymoon last? Paul Giamatti puts it perfectly:

“It’s like two tigers in the zoo. They get along but they could go after each other still…”

Not Looking Forward to: It is no secret I am not a big fan of single Axe and I am honestly not looking forward to professionals visiting him or Wags throwing him another crazy party. I cannot accept the fact that he has not tried at all to get back with Lara and that he was an oblivious dad at best this past season. I hope Axe finds a bit of time to reflect on his life and goes back to his old family man self. And until then, at least for me, Bobby Axelrod is NOT a Wilbury! ps. Now that we know Malin Akerman will not be a series regular anymore, it seems I will need to live with single Axe. Oh well… 😀


One Expectation:  This season is going to be explosive and ruthless. We are seeing the team up of two of the most ruthless, cut throat characters ever created.  We’ve seen them lie, we’ve seen them throw people under the bus, we’ve seen them torpedo their own personal lives, all just to simply become the “winner”.  What sort of damage will they create together?

One Fantasy:  I would love to see Chuck and Axe back at odds by the end of the season.  Them on the same side just seems WRONG!

One Wish:  This show has been a pioneer for both having a non-binary character and for having this character portrayed by a non-binary actor.  I want Taylor to stick around.  There’s a trope in storytelling that tends to end up sacrificing a marginalized character as a plot point.  We see the queer character, the woman, the person of color, often die first and most tragically.  I don’t want this for Taylor.

Looking Forward To:  I am looking forward to the musical choices the writers will make this year.  They’ve always used music as a way to drive the scenes and moods in the show, and I am looking forward to seeing how it will work out this year.  My favorite track from last year was ” Troublemaker Doppelganger” by Lucy Dacus. What cool tunes will we be treated to this year?


The Tail That Wags The Dog

One Expectation: I expect either Chuck or Bobby to turn on the other before their goals are achieved. My money is on Chuck – he has shown a profanity for such moves. Once he is back on the side of the law, I can see him using that position to gain more traction with the money and power people of the state. Plus I think he will always see Bobby as a threat to his marriage. He has never been ok with her working for him as far as we’ve seen. Wendy referenced a time when they got along, but maybe that was a Pollyannish view on her part? We should be able to tell early on whether they truly trust one another. If they were to gain that respective trust it would make them extremely powerful, but can they do that? I am skeptical.

One Fantasy: In my fantasy world Sacker and Connerty would see how awful it is working for Jeffcoat, and secretly team up with Chuck behind Jeffcoat’s back to bring him down. There is not a snowball’s chance in hell of that happening though. Speaking of fantasy’s, while I am no wizard of the financial world (that is Lady Trader’s department, I find it a total fantasy that Taylor, within a year, could go from being a trader’s intern to starting her own billion-dollar corporation. That is suspending disbelief just a little much. In my other fantasy world, Taylor gets brought back down to reality and they and their corporation face a timely demise. This has a more reasonable chance of happening. In reality, it should happen if only because it should never have been there in the first place.

One Wish: I wish they would give Rudy more to do. They’ve moved Dollar Bill up in status and now they need to get Rudy more involved – more than just being a comic foil. They did this with Mafee and then Ben Kim, now it is Rudy’s turn. Plus, Chris Carfizzi is one of the good guys of Twitter.

Looking Forward To: A music of cultural reference by BK which takes me back to my Saturday mornings as a child. I swear Brian Koppleman lived down the street from me. I know we are at most 2-3 years apart in age and he seems to have watched the same shows and listened to much of the same music during his formative years. So when he brings back those childhood memories of his, they are some of the same as mine. I can’t wait to see which ones he brings back in season 4.

Not Looking Forward To: I’m not looking forward to more evidences of Chuck completely forsaking any sense of ethical behavior. When the show started I was rooting for him. He was on the right side of the law, he was working for the people against the bad guys. He was an underdog against the super-rich and had to use all of his wits to get at them who were skirting the law and getting away with it. But then he too started skirting the law. At first it was small things, but with each season his tactics have become more and more despicable and harder and harder to swallow. Some of the moves he made in season 3 (against the first judge for the Axe case, what he did to the doctor, etc)  show a man out of control and someone who has lost his way – and yet I still want to root for him. I fear that now that he isn’t burdened by being US Attorney for the Southern District, he may stoop to even greater depths. I hope the reverse is true, but I fear it won’t be.

Author: Lady Trader

"Lady Trader" is a Brooklyn girl, and a Wall Street lifer! Recently fought cancer, and won! I love heavy metal, history, sci-fi, oh, and blogging about Billions and it's great lead actor, Damian Lewis!

17 thoughts on “Billions, Season 4: Expectations, Things We’d Like To See (or not!) and a Fantasy or Two!!”

  1. I loved how there were so many things we all expected, but then we all had different things we are looking forward (or not!) to. I think we can all expect twists and turns! A few reporters have seen the first 4 episodes, and are raving about them!

    Looks like we are going to have a lot of FUN things to discuss this season!!

    1. Yes, I love the variety in our expectations, hopes and wishes for the new season! One thing we all have in common though: Excitement. Can’t wait to see what they have in store for the characters this season. It will be a thrill ride!

  2. I agree with Gingersnap, would have liked to see more of Lara and certainly more of Axe in his role of father. But I realize this show centers on the money/power/etc. theme, not the home life of the Axelrods. However I still have my preferences. (Back in Homeland, I always preferred Jess to Carrie, but I know I’ve said that before.) This is undoubtedly because it is Damian that draws me to Billions, not the show itself. On to what else I would like, lots and lots of Wags and Dollar Bill of course, with some Spiros thrown in. One other thing, I know how much you fans enjoy the music, it doesn’t move me one way or another, and I get that Axe likes his band tee shirts, if that’s what they are called, but good grief, do they have to be so raggedy and trashy looking? Put that handsome man in a sharper looking wardrobe. Yes I know it is part of the Axe persona, but threadbare is going a bit too far.

    1. I’m on the same boat with you two but now that we know Malin Akerman will not be a regular in the show, it seems she will stay as the mother of Axe’s children, and there may be a new love interest for our guy. All in all, I can’t say I am a fan of single Axe and the parties Wags throws for him 😀 Oh and yeah we all love Damian in a suit, the court scenes were special! On the other hand, as you also suggest, his wardrobe is a part of Axe, and I think they made this decision very deliberately, this is a guy who worked his way up not to have any constraints in life. So he doesn’t care that he goes to a very elegant, expensive resto with his very expensive hoodie – still a hoodie though – on! I think his band tshirts are vintage, they are old stuff he bought years ago and so they are very worn out, but Lady Trader is our tshirt expert here!

      1. As weird as this may sound, especially given my name, I think the amount of Wags they have right now is just right. I love how they incorporated some backstory in Season 3 and I hope they do more of that – but don’t spoil us with too much Wags and absolutely do not give us any kind of Wags-love interest (sorry David) as that would be completely out of character. I am all for more Dollar Bill since I am a huge KAC fan. Every scene he is in is gold.

        1. And I think you will get what you want this season since Kelly AuCoin is now a series regular! I am all in favor! More Dollar Bill, please!

    2. As the song says “Every girl’s crazy for a sharp dressed man!” so I agree with you and Damianista on Axe dressed in suits. When I started on Wall Street the suit was a must (not like now, where it seems like anything goes), and I have always said that if I ever open my own shop, everyone will dress to impress.

      That being said, I get why Axe’s metal t-shirts look so wore. The writers never do anything just to do it, so in this case I think it’s to show Axe still sticks to his roots, and has carried these shirts with him, even though now he can afford to take a private jet to see his favorite band! If you notice, he wears these shirts at certain moments, not all the time, which I believe is done on purpose. These are the scenes where Axe is about to do battle or announce a victory. These are times when Bobby Axelrod, the kid from Yonkers, is in the scene instead of Axe the hedge fund king.

      Another reason I love these shirts? Well I have (or had) all of them!!

  3. I think the “Ts”only look vintage. Back in the day shirts were made of cotton and over time developed holes and got baggy. None of that here Those Ts Fit! yay lycra!

    1. Mystery solved! I just asked Brian Koppelman about the Axe t-shirts on Twitter and he kindly answered. Some t-shirts Axe has worn on Billions are really vintage and some are new and processed to look vintage.

      1. Thank you for getting to the bottom of that! That is kind of what I thought. I still have a few of my shirts from the “old days” but when I do look for new ones, I try to get that worn, faded look as well.

        If anyone was going to get the answers, I knew it would be you!!

        1. Thank you! Looking at the t-shirts, can you tell which one could be real vintage and which one isn’t? I’m sure Billions people looked at vintage stores or whatever network exists for vintage metal/rock t-shirts… I’m sure there is a world out there that I don’t know anything about where people look for such treasure! 🙂

  4. Celebrating you lovely ladies on International Women’s Day (sorry to leave out Lewisto) and praise for the intelligent and entertaining writing. After reading this blog post and in anticipation of Season 4 beginning soon, I re-watched Season 3 and am anxiously awaiting March 17th. I don’t really have any expectations other than knowing I’ll be entertained and completely surprised by the creativity of the writers. I do look forward to how Axe and Chuck will work together after three years as enemies. I would love to hear any of your thoughts on the following comment made by Damian in the BTS – Axe video – “This can end no other way than the way this is going to end”. What???

    And one last note: I believe that everything that happens or is said on Billions has a reason. Nothing is wasted or is a throw away comment. And that leads me to the one aspect of the show that disappoints me – Axe’s life as a husband and father since the end of Season 2. I know this is a show about finance and power and not family life, but the writers made a big point of showing Axe as a good husband who remained faithful to his wife and a devoted father to his sons in many scenes in Season 1. They also made a big point of showing the struggle that Axe has had because his father deserted him. I find it difficult to believe that that same man from Season 1 is the same man in Season 3. And it surprises me that Wendy, who counseled Axe through his issues with his father leaving, wouldn’t be counseling him now to, at the very least be there for his kids. Maybe I’m naive, but I don’t think it would take away from the story they are telling to resolve this part of Axe’s life. Whether they do or not, I’ll still be watching but always hoping for some resolution, especially for his kids. I just needed to vent those feelings :’-)!

    Looking forward to the start of your blog posts and analysis of this wonderful show.

    1. Thank you for such kind words Nancy!

      Re: Damian in the BTS: These are two characters who don’t trust anyone, and will use anyone to advance their own agendas. They are not friends, but they can use what the other brings to the table, for now. If one gets the opportunity to throw the other under the bus, if it suits their advancement, then that will happen. I don’t think it will happen early in the season, but I do think it will happen. Relationships are built on trust, and there really isn’t too much of that in Team Chaxe!

      I also understand where you are coming from re the Axelrod marriage. But, (and this is just a theory) there are so many real life hedge fund managers who get divorced and then move on to second families, that it could be the writers want to have that in the story. It also can show a more isolate Axe (without Lara as a partner), and what type of decisions would a lone, distrusting Axe make?

      I never really warmed to the Lara character, but I did like that it was one of the last connections Axe had to his working class roots, and that mentality. It kept him a bit grounded. With out that, what type of Axe will we see in S4? We’ll see!!

      1. Ahhh…. this is why I read you guys – Axe and Chuck will end up at the end of this season – right back where they always were – on opposite sides again. That makes sense. You’re right – there is no trust there, only whatever the other can do for them.

        As to Axe the family man, I am mostly disappointed in his poor relationship with his boys, which will scar them just like he was scarred.

    2. Thank you for your kind words and your support, Nancy! Looking forward to Billions Sundays!

      I have high expectations about the cooperation between Axe and Chuck knowing that it will be a thrill ride as long as it lasts. Ah those two minds, and add Wendy to the mix, can move mountains together. And we’ve seen what they did to save themselves from the Ice Juice mess! I think how long Axe-Chuck partnership lasts depends on the stakes. The stakes are very high, the enemies are very strong, we even hear Axe saying he’s overmatched for the first time since he can remember in the trailer. So I think the cooperation may well last until they win this season. But then anything can happen. Paul Giamatti says in one of the promo videos that they are like two tigers in the zoo, they get along but they can still go after each other. Well said! 🙂 Axe’s comment in the BTS video: Well, I assume he says it about an enemy and that he will make the enemy regret what they’ve done. It could be Taylor, but it could easily be somebody else.

      Ahhhh Axe the family man! I am missing him. I have written in my “Bobby Axelrod: The Boy Whose Dad Never Came Back” article as well as in this article, I think, that I am not a fan of single Axe! I have always loved him being a faithful husband and a good father. Right now, he is neither. I think even when a show is about finance and power and law and politics, it is still about relationships and I think what kind of a person you are is very much related to what kind of a person you are to your family. I think Bobby has been slightly more selfish than he used to be in Season 3. So I am looking forward to seeing what kind of a Bobby will see in the new season. I have also been rooting for him and Lara to get back together, but now that we know Malin Akerman will not be a regular on the show but will appear on a recurring basis hints that the marriage is over. And who knows there could be a new love interest for Axe in the new season. Doesn’t that blonde woman, who is probably a rich investor, look like Lara in a way? I think our billionaire likes blondes! And we’ll see how his relations with his boys will evolve… But I agree with you, I would love them to sort out his family life a bit more, and I also want some look into his estranged relationship with his mom!

      I remember Wendy trying to talk to Axe about Gordie, and he did not even listen. We all know Wendy is now pretty pissed about Taylor, she feels used by Taylor, and so I think her advise to Bobby will mostly be about how to destroy them. Everyone tries to push their own agenda in Billions! And you know we’ve already seen how bad Wendy can get — she is at least as good as his two boys at being bad 🙂 But only when needed. And I don’t think she’s taking this betrayal by Taylor lightly especially after the conversation she and Taylor had in the garage! I think Taylor’s biggest mistake has been to mess with Wendy Rhoades!

      Bottomline: March 17 can’t come faster!

  5. I agree that both Axe and Wendy want to take down Taylor, but with Grigor Andolov’s money invested with them, I see this as a very dangerous and possibly life-threatening goal. We know that Andolov has killed and won’t hesitate to kill again.

    With Taylor not the CIO of Axe Cap and Axe seeking revenge, who will be making the day to day investment decisions at Axe Cap? As much as I love Dollar Bill, he is the one trader who crosses the line into criminal behavior more that any of the others. Will he take on a bigger decision making role? This could lead to some poor trade decisions which may be why Axe feels he is over matched. Even Wags seems to be trying to pull Axe back from revenge so that he can focus on making money.

    Yes, completely agree that what kind of person you are is very much related to what kind of person you are to your family.But what if you have no family to relate to? And all three of our “heroes” look very unstable in their family life. We see Wendy getting very upset with Chuck in one of the trailers and, of course, we know about Axe’s situation. With Wendy so focused on her own anger at Taylor, she may not be able to keep the two men in her life on a track to do what they do best. This spells disaster for all. In past seasons, Wendy was able to keep Axe focused on earning money and not give in to his need to win in every situation – at least she tried to but maybe wasn’t always successful. But with her goal being the same as Axe’s, there will be no one to keep Axe from his worst tendencies – not even his wife and children. Maybe it could be his mom???

    One more week!

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