Fan Story Tuesday: Homeland is where the heart is

Home is where the heart is as the well-known phrase goes…or in this case Homeland is where the heart is. Brody is (unsurprisingly) proving to be a very popular jumping on point for Damian Lewis Fandom.

We continue our fan stories with a short collection of stories of how Sergeant Brody captured the attention and added a few more Damian Lewis fans to the count.

As you will see, some of these stories have been sitting with us a while – Louanne’s refers to getting ready to watch season 2 of Billions! The response by you all to the request for fan stories has been wonderful. If your story has not appeared on the blog yet, please do not be disheartened and be reassured we will get there! Thank you to you all for participating.

Damianista’s note: I am jumping in with apologies to my dear Tbkwrm who has prepared this post for publication. But I need to say a few words about the wonderful fans whose fan stories we are sharing today. While I have not had the pleasure of meeting Louanne on social media or in person, I am proud to call Hellie and Marie friends. Marie and I have had several Twitter exchanges over the past year and it was a pleasure to finally meet her in person at Billions LIVE at Paley Center last year. And even though I did not meet Hellie in person, we have shared A LOT on social media in particular about our love for 80s music! Both Hellie and I are Duranies but Hellie is first and foremost a Spandau Ballet girl. I kindly asked her to use the pic she uses for her Damian Lewis fan story 😀 Huge thanks go to all three for taking the time to share their stories with us and their constant support. Cheers!


copyright: Marie

What an honor it is to be asked to write about my latest favorite actor. I must say I was late getting on the Homeland train. It was my co-workers constantly telling me about the show. Then one day I decided to watch and I was hooked. I remember Brody sitting in the corner dirty, afraid, battered and most of all alone.

The possibility of ever seeing his family a distant thought as terror fills his eyes and soul. Then salvation comes in the form of Abu Nazir and Brody’s life will forever be changed. Watching the show, Brody evoked so many emotions in me and into the character he played. He had me thinking was he a terrorist, traitor, victim, pawn or what???

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But I will say this season 3 of Homeland forever changed me and opened my eyes to the magnitude of Damien Lewis acting ability. That final scene made me cry so hard and I was screaming with a desperation at the TV someone please help him. The help never came and my tears didn’t stop. For an actor to create such a void in a show only exemplifies greatness.

Last but not least, I would like to say thank you to Fan Fun with Damian Lewis Fan Club and Twitter. For, I was able to see Mr. Lewis at the Times Talk forum. He was very witty, smart and personable. The hour long interview flew by as he discussed his roles, life, love of the arts and his views on politics. To think to be in the same room with the next possible James Bond was almost too surreal. I wish Mr. Lewis continued success.

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copyright: Hellie

I’ve always liked Damian Lewis and been aware of him and his acting career. I live in the UK too so I have been used to seeing him featured in articles and being on TV etc.

When he was cast as Nicholas Brody in Homeland, that was when I started to take more notice! He played the part with such conviction and drew the audience in. As a viewer, I didn’t want to believe he was trying to go ahead with a suicide attempt wearing a bomb vest.

His character evoked strong feelings as I sympathised with his post-traumatic stress disorder but could not condone several of his other actions.

I thoroughly enjoyed Damian’s performance in Homeland and the funniest thing was, I didn’t actually plan to watch it! My husband persuaded me and it ended up being and still is one of my favourite shows!

On a more fun note, I love Elvis and I enjoy it when Damian sings, plays piano or dances to his songs too. He seems very down to earth and willing support charity events such as Soccer Aid etc. too.

As I have two young boys, I am very familiar with CBeebies and that certainly brightened up our bedtime story when he featured on it!

Lastly even though my nickname is Hellie, my real name is Helen and we all know Damian likes that name too ha ha!


I fell in love, hate & love again with Damian Lewis as Brody in Homeland. I did not know this actor but I was blown away by his portrayal of this dark, complex character of Brody. I didn’t watch it in real time so I binged watched the 5 seasons. I loved the weekend get away with Claire Danes.

What a crazy love story. But the most intense scene was when he wore the suicide vest.

I thought my life was over when he was hanged. I had to get on the internet & watch videos to reassure my psyche that Damian was still alive. I just learned about “Billions.” Time to binge watch season one and get ready for 2.

Damian Lewis is so hot and sexy and that makes it even more fun to watch him.

6 thoughts on “Fan Story Tuesday: Homeland is where the heart is”

  1. At this point in my Damian Career I’ve seen more f the earlier work. Most recently The Baker and Brides (thank you FanFun!) I detect an evolution in Mr Lewis ‘ kissing skills : – ) In these films he puckers up and goes at with undeniable gusto. Later he devours his ladies with passion.
    Should he require further the gentle guiding hand of an older wiser woman may I be the first to volunteer!?!

    1. Ha! Love this! Give him a hand NotLinda Maybe we can think about a favorite kissing scenes post for Valentine’s Day or something!

  2. Marie, thank you for your fan story. Late to the party! I was 3-4 years late. I was so happy to find the fan site because no one was talking about Brody only season 6. The second time I watched the death scene (no third, I watched it with commentary when I bought the DVD) I stood in front of my big screen to catch the moment Brody found Carrie. It was beautifully heart breaking.

    Hellie, it must be so different to experience Brody while being aware of DL, the actor! I’ve often wondered how Brody would have affected me had I seen him after say Forsyte or Life. Frankly I was disappointed to find he is British he seemed so real to me as an American man. Be assured I’m well over that! Great story, thanks!

    Sometimes, Louanne, I watch The Weekend on it’s own just to get that fix. I’ve looked and looked but I’ve yet to discern that Claire was visibly pregnant during this filming?! Of course Damian is very distracting. Thank you for sharing!

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