How Brody can make a woman forget about Brad Pitt: Analia’s Story

Hello, everyone! Damianista here. Welcome to a NEW Fan Stories Day!

One of the things that we love the most about our community is that Damian Lewis has fans from all over the world. We are delighted that a number of different nationalities are represented in our fan stories series. And, it is a true pleasure today to have Analia who is sharing her lovely story from Rosario, Argentina! Analia is as lovely as her story and huge thanks go to her for the constant support she has given us!

source: Analia

We are also thrilled to have a sweet surprise for our Spanish-speaking readers (thank you all for being with us!) that Analia has been very kind in providing her story both in Spanish and English! We start with the Spanish version, and please scroll down for the English version. ENJOY!

En Español:

Descubrí a Damian Lewis cuando un día elegí Homeland para empezar a ver  en NETFLIX.  No voy a decir que nunca lo haía visto. Es que nuncalo habia “visto”. Recuerdo haber notado las promociones de “Life” y “Homeland” por FOX, pero jamás vi un sólo episodio. De lo cual me arrepiento mucho!!!

Cuando realmente “vi” a Damian llegué a la conclusión que estuve equivocada la mayor parte de mi vida al creer que Brad Pitt era el hombre más bello del mundo. El hombre más bello del mundo estaba frente a mis ojos en la pantalla de mi notebook, representando al torturado Sargento Brody.

Debo confesar que desde ese momento empecé a buscar todo lo referente a él. Comencé con Wikipedia y desde entonces creo que he visto todo lo que nuestro hermoso pelirrojo ha hecho.

Pero no quiero quedarme con su belleza solamente.Creo que su talento actoral no es reconocido como debiera…(más allá del Emmy y el Golden Globe)

Es tremendo actor!!! Puede hacer cualquier papel…comedia, drama.. Y eso es algo que no todos logran…

En fin…decir que tengo su foto en la pantalla de bloqueo de mi celular y en el inicio de mi laptop..; que reveo de vez en cuando el episodio 7 de la temporada 1 de Homeland, el cual me parece el más romántico de todos!!

Mirar todos los días en NETFLIX si agregaron shows donde aparece Damian…

Ir al estreno de OKOT con mi sobrina que me hace el ” aguante” como se dice por aquí…

…guardar cientos de fotos en el celular y en la laptop…

Y resumiendo… Damian genera felicidad en mi vida, una sonrisa cada vez que miro Éste hermoso rostro me saluda cada vez que enciendo mi compu. Me provoca una sonrisa, siempre. Hay alguien más bello? NO…!!!

Sus inmensamente bellos ojos azules…

In English:

I discovered Damian Lewis the day I chose to watch on NETFLIX Homeland. I will not say l had never seen him. It is that I had never  “seen”him. I remember noticing promotions “Life”, but I never saw a single episode, of which I regret very much!!!

When actually “saw” Damian I came to the conclusion that I was wrong most of my life believing that Brad Pitt was the most beautiful man in the world. The most beautiful man in the world was in front of my eyes on the screen of my laptop, playing the tortured Sergeant Brody.

I must confess that from that moment on, I started looking for information about him… I started with Wikipedia and since then I think l’ve seen a lot of what our beloved redhead has done.

But I don’t want to talk only about his appearance.  I think his acting talent is not as recognized as it should (beyond the Emmy and the Golden Globe). He is a great actor! He can play any role, something that many actors would envy…

Anyway… I have his picture on the lock screen of my cellphone and the beginning of my laptop…

And I occasionally go back to see Episode 7 of Season 1 of Homeland, because it is the most romantic of all!!!

I look at Netflix every day to see if they have added shows with Damian.

Going to the premiere of Our Kind of Traitor with my niece made me the “aguante” as they say around here…

I save each and every one of his photos published…

To summarize… Damian generates happiness in my life…

This beautiful face greets me every time I turn on my computer. It makes me smile, always. There is someone more handsome? NO…!!!

I feel good every time I see his incredible blue eyes…

Author: Damianista

Academic, Traveler, Blogger, Runner, Theatre Lover, Wine Snob, Part-time New Yorker, and Walking Damian Lewis Encyclopedia :D Procrastinated about a fan's diary on Damian Lewis for a while and the rest is history!

25 thoughts on “How Brody can make a woman forget about Brad Pitt: Analia’s Story”

  1. What a lovely post Analia! I’m so glad you found Damian and that he has acquired fans from all over the globe. I don’t have Netflix, but I hope you can get as much as possible using it. If possible, do not miss Keane.

  2. Hallo Analia, deine Fan-Story ist super.
    Mein PC in der Arbeit sowie mein Laptop sind selbstverständlich ebenfalls mit einem Bild von Damian versehen. Geht ja gar nicht anders…Hi Hi !! Es ist einfach toll, immer wieder zu hören, wie er seine Fans begeistert.
    Auch ich finde die Episode 7 eine der gelungensten Liebesszenen überhaupt, wobei es natürlich viele dieser wunderbaren Momente in Homeland gibt, wo man einfach nur dahinschmelzen könnte.
    Ich kann Dir nur zustimmen: Er ist der beste Schauspieler….. forever !!!!!
    Herzlichste Grüße aus Deutschland !!

    1. So it seems Damian on the computer and Damian on the phone are very common!
      I cannot have him on my computer since i use my computer at work to teach in the classroom — I don’t know what students would think of me! I am not THAT brave. Not yet 😀 BUT I have Damian on my phone cover, and my husband on the phone screen so everyone is happy!

      1. I keep Damian on my 18″ desktop flatscreen from the first series I fell in love with, Band of Brothers. Soon after I lost my hearing and switched over to BluRay media. He will always be my favorite actor .

  3. Lovely story – great community. We are damianly connected people all around the globe! Vive La Damianism;-) xoxox

    1. You are absolutely right – we are a community, and we are a GREAT community. Damian Lewis fandom rocks!
      ps. Saw your picks from California – enjoy!

  4. Je suis totalement d’accord,Damian est l’homme le plus beau du monde,et son talent est égal a sa beauté!J’ai voulu regardé une fois de plus Homeland,mais je n’ai pas pu regarder la troisième saison jusque a la fin!! Impossible,Damian joue tellement bien,que j’ai l’impression,qu’il meurt vraiment!!Horrible

    1. Hello, nice to read your stories and comments dear fellow fans! I’m Barbara from Austria, Barbara Pro on Twitter. Ich feel the same about season 3: Too painful to watch! He is very pale and thin in this season. And he makes me feel the gunshot in his stomach almost physically! The following drug abuse plus the hallucinations are also very hard to watch. So I only watch season 1 and 2 on blu-ray and stop there. Some models may be looking more perfect, but Damian makes me FEEL a lot! He is able to play even bad characters in a way that makes you like them, even if you know that you should not… 😉

      1. Ha! I always say they can never take Season 1 and Season 2 from us. Having said that I think Damian’s acting in S3 Episode 9, his cold turkey scenes, is Emmy-worthy. I was furious that he did not give it to him that year.

        Billions costume designed Eric Daman says it is a pleasure to work with Damian because it is like working with a model just out of catwalk in Milan 😀 And you are absolutely right, his acting is mind-blowing. YES, HE MAKES ME FEEL A LOT, too. Oh yeah he makes you like even a psychopath like Henry VIII 😀

  5. Thank you soooooo much Damianista for sharing mu story. It is very strong to see it published in this wonderful blog.And thank you very much for doin so in both languages….I remember the time it took me to write it in english…hahahaha Love you all sisters !!! Saludos desde Argentina

    1. Thank YOU for sharing your lovely story, my lovely friend <3 And thank you for doing it in two languages - it is a sweet surprise for our Spanish-speaking readers!

      The kind of things Brody is capable of never ceases to amaze me. Casualties in the process: Kevin Costner for me, Brad Pitt for you 😀 😀 😀

      I have always been extremely monogamous in my screen crushes and I seriously struggled as Damian was starting to occupy my mind as if like I was having an affair with him as I was committee to Kevin. Hahaha. It took me some time to get over it, but I did. Long Live Damian, and Long Live Damian Sisterhood <3

      I love it that it's not just that you have shared your story in two languages, but you have also got comments in different languages like in German and in French. You can copy them and google translate here:

      Big Hugs!

    1. Hahaha did you know what Damian thought of Brad Pitt though, girls?

      When asked about the fame that came with Homeland:

      “People can go a little bit crazy, so there’s quite a lot of manhandling in the streets. Now I know what it must have been like to be Brad Pitt for an entire lifetime, ever since he did that scene in Thelma and Louise where he took his top off — I’m straight and that scene did it for me as well. There’s a very small group of people who have lived at that elevation and at times it was overwhelming, but I’ve enjoyed slightly calmer waters subsequently.”

      1. Ha! I do recall reading/seeing a snippet of his take on Brad Pitt fandom. But I also remember him referring to Justin Bieber.

  6. I just adore reading these stories! So many of these wonderful folks re-tweet, like, share, etc. our stories. Its so awesome to put some humanity behind them.

  7. Lovely post Analia! Love how so many of us have had that “Move over, So-and-So, there’s a new man in my life” moment. 😀

  8. Another Brody convert! Thank you for sharing your story Analia. And I love the pic you have on your computer too. It’s nice to know our community is world wide!!

  9. Me encanto leer tu historia en Español! Y saber q eres de Argentina. Aunque yo he vivido aca por 7 años, soy Argenta trucha en realidad soy de CdMx

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