Brody Arrives with a Breakup: Gozde’s Story

Hello all! Damianista is here to welcome you to a new fan story!

I have been living in the US for the last 21 years; however I was born and raised in Turkey. As much as my adopted country, in which I have spent most of my adult life, feels more home than my native country, I still have that Meditterrenean blood that is the anti-thesis of calm 😀

Almost two years ago, I could not help respond to a tweet done by a fellow Turkish woman living in London who was simply psyched to have booked very good seats to see Damian Lewis in American Buffalo. Her excitement put a big smile on my face, because I completely understood her.

Gozde does not only have this BIG smile you see below but she also has a BIG heart. And BIG thanks go to her for sharing this lovely story that is as about Damian Lewis as about, quoting a great film, “the beginning of a beautiful friendship.” 😀

copyright: Gozde

Well, my love story with Damian started in Homeland… He was my sweet gingerbread Brody whereas I was his “who- knows- crazy -Turk”

Homeland was recommended to me by my ex-boyfriend. It was his favorite TV Show. I was crazy about “Breaking Bad” at that time and didn’t have any specific interest in this TV Show. Then my boyfriend and I broke up quite badly and Homeland became my favorite TV Show. It was reminding me of him; certainly had a sentimental value with some rebounding effects. I think we Turks love melancholia and suffer ourselves with something relevant to our exes.

Then came Brody; with his strawberry blond hair, dazzling blue eyes, deadly cheeky smile and super cute freckles all over his face! He had replaced himself easily with my all time TV Boyfriend Ryan Gosling as well as removed the final residue of my ex 😀 Meh!

I must say I was mesmerized by Homeland and was in massive tears when I saw him hanged publicly.

I was over the moon when I heard he was going to be one of the main actors in the West End Show called “American Buffalo” alongside with John Goodman and Tom Sturridge. I have managed to get a private show ticket for journalists with a seating almost on a first row.


The best of all, I was sharing my utmost happiness through all social media tools and someone called ‘Damianista’ heard my happy voice. Coincidently another Crazy Turk with some well-known qualities and we became friends since then! Thanks to Damian…. He has brought a lot of good values into my life. Although, we don’t get to spend so much time together lately; our special affair will be a lifetime one for sure!

Long Live Damian!

Author: Damianista

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15 thoughts on “Brody Arrives with a Breakup: Gozde’s Story”

  1. I think Damian should take all of us on a date one day – night out with the story tellers:-) What a beautiful concept this would have been;-) Thank you so much my dear Damianista!!!

    1. THANK YOU for this lovely story! <3
      As I said in the introduction, it is not just a story about how you found Damian but it is also about how we found each other.
      CHEERS to the "beautiful concept" you come up with.
      Damian Lewis meets with the story tellers --- what a dream! I know he occasionally reads the blog and I so hope he has read a couple of the stories.
      They are all special and very much heartfelt in their own ways.

      1. Well remember where were you when you started this journey and where you are now:-) Nothing is impossible, isn’t it Damian? You will meet with us one day, won’t you?;-) Remember we had a dream of bringing all fans together in a networking event and inviting him as a guest of honor! We even have stories to turn them back into funny books:-)) and meme’s haha:-)

        1. I am keeping the memes you sent me via Messenger 😀
          Where am I now? 😀

          In terms of dreams, sky is the limit with us, that is for sure!!!!

  2. Well how many fan bloggers managed to meet with the subject person several times, get their attention, become a special page even for the celebrity’s himself, his producers, his other fans?? Huh? I am telling you, If Damian’s star continue rising, you guys will be his next PR team. Like we Turks say: Aha I am writing right here!;-)

    1. OK you have just made our day, our week, our month, and the year, too!
      You’re very kind (and right!!!!) 😀
      Thank you!
      And the part I love the most: “Like we Turks say: Aha I am writing right here.”
      Write it! <3

    1. Believe in it Krista; I was crazy about Brody years after Homeland became super popular. And the play followed 2 weeks after Brody died in my own time of watching the series… I must have screamed my dream of seeing Damian live on stage to the universe otherwise it wouldn’t have manifested with a speed of light:-)

    1. Thank you very much JaniaJania – I have heard a lot about you from Damianista! You guys are doing an amazing job!!!

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