Bend it Like Damian Lewis, Part I *UPDATED*

Yes, it is REAL. Yes, it is Zidane!

Damian Lewis loves football. He regularly plays for Anvil FC, an amateur football team in King’s Cross, and has taken part in several charity football matches including the celebrated Soccer Aid. Our guy shares in a recent interview with The Evening Standard he sees the sport as a form of therapy:

“I enjoy the total absorption in a white ball and 10 other guys and the focus, and the way it releases everything else from your mind. It’s brilliant, it’s the best occupational therapy I can think of. You run around and get fit and it releases any anger or tension that you have. I used to play at 7.30 on Thursday mornings in New York. I’d haul myself out of bed, even if I’d had a night shoot that finished at 2am and go and play. I love it.”

Well, I cannot agree with him more because I feel the same about running and swimming, particularly the “it releases any anger or tension you have” part. And we cannot be happier Damian will be playing the game he loves for a wonderful cause this weekend: Game for Grenfell is a charity football match organized by former football stars Alan Shearer and Les Ferdinand “to raise funds and inspire hope for those affected” in the devastating Grenfell Tower fire that caused at least 80 deaths and over 70 injuries. Continue reading “Bend it Like Damian Lewis, Part I *UPDATED*”

Throwback Thursday to Damian Lewis in Will, A Liverpool Movie

English Premiere League (EPL) is starting this weekend! We blogged last year about Damian loving his footie and being a HUGE Liverpool fan here and we wish LFC the best of luck in the 2017-18 season! We will have a big party here on the blog should they finish at the top!

source: Getty Images

I have no idea if the Lewis boys will attend the first Liverpool match of the season — Watford does not seem to be a long way from London, it is, in fact, part of the Tube system — like they did back in February to see Liverpool vs Tottenham at Anfield but I hope they enjoy the match either in the stadium or in front of the TV!

UPDATE 08/12/2017: Well, I knew it! Here’s Damian at Vicarage Road for the first match of the season! Continue reading “Throwback Thursday to Damian Lewis in Will, A Liverpool Movie”