Throwback Thursday to Damian Lewis Receiving His OBE

Happy Thanksgiving!

We celebrate this wonderful holiday with family and friends — we indulgeĀ ourselves maybe a little bit too much with turkey and stuffing and mashed potatoes and give thanks, among other great things in our lives, for Damian Lewis and the characters he brings to life and into our lives šŸ™‚Ā And then weĀ travel back to three years ago, November 26, 2014 to be precise, to the day Damian Lewis received his OBE from Duke of Cambridge and made us all proud!

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Throwback Thursday to Damian Lewis at Harvest Festival 2013

ā€œLetā€™s gather as a band of one, in symphony across the landā€¦ā€ Henry Birtles, The Harvest


I would love to take us all today to a special Harvest service,Ā organized by British Food Fortnight to rekindle the tradition of Harvest Festival, at the Westminster Abbey in 2013, an event that Damian Lewis does not only attend with family — as a foodie, I cannot think of anything better thanĀ celebrating food with family, no wonder Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday! —Ā  Ā but also actively participates in the celebrations and has a conversation with theĀ Duchess of Cornwall, who is also in attendance, about the whereabouts of one certain Nicholas Brody! šŸ˜€ Continue reading “Throwback Thursday to Damian Lewis at Harvest Festival 2013”

Throwback Thursday to Damian Lewis and Helen McCrory at Cheltenham
Literature Festival

Damian loves and supports poetry and so do we! One poetry project he has actively supportedĀ is TheĀ Love Book,Ā a brilliant collection of classic and contemporary love poems that vary from Shakespeare to E.E. Cummings to Maya Angelou comingĀ together in a bookĀ as well as in an app. And it is my utmost pleasure to take us all back to The Love Book event I was extremely lucky to attendĀ at Cheltenham Literature FestivalĀ on October 12, 2014, exactly three years ago:Ā Damian Lewis and Helen McCrory read Great Love Poems.


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Life with Charlie Crews Redux

But for a brief glimpse of Bobby Axelrod filming a scene with Wendy Rhoades, Damian is mostly just being himself these days, spending the weeks working in New York, jetting back home to be on the wife’s arm at her film screening in London. So why not revisit a character that Damian has said is the one role that was most like him in real life? The thinking man with a sunny disposition: Charlie Crews. Here’s my visit with Life.

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Throwback Thursday to Damian Lewis at 2012 Emmy Awards

“I don’t really believe in judging art. But I thought I’d show up just in case. Turned out alright.” – Damian Lewis


We have Prime Time Emmy Awards coming up this Sunday. As much as I believe it is a crime that we do not have stakes in this year’s Emmys, I will just keep calm and carry on taking us all backĀ to 2012 Emmy AwardsĀ and re-live Damian’s BIG MOMENT!

Well, it all startsĀ with the nomination. Homeland scores BIGĀ in Prime Time Emmy Ā nominations Ā – it is not just a record number of nominationsĀ for ShowtimeĀ and but also the highestĀ for any freshman series that year!

Entertainment Weekly asksĀ Damian how he feels about his nomination just after the Emmy nominations are announced.

ā€œIā€™m really thrilled. Over the moon. I was asleep. So I was just getting some extra zzzzs and I woke up with my phone buzzing next to my head.ā€

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Damian Lewis: “I am going to have a
summer.” And, he DID!

Happy Labor Day! It means this is the last chance for most of us to make that last trip before the summer ends…Ā It also means we will have our Englishman back in New York shortly for Billions Season 3 shoot. It goes without saying we will follow the shoot very closely and think and talk about our hopes, wishes and fantasies about Season 3 in the coming weeks and months.

source: Showtime

But, today, we will talk about Damian’s summer, the first summer he has fully enjoyed in the last six years. There were obviously weekend escapes especially during Homeland shoot in North Carolina which Helen makes sound wonderful in an interview with Evening Standard…

“We went to the Appalachian Mountains, skinny-dipping in the white waters, camping…”

…but, still, Damian has constantly worked all summer since he started shooting Homeland in spring 2011. So, when asked by a fan at The Goat stage door back in May about what he would be doing between The Goat and Billions, he responded promptly:

“I am going to have a summer.”

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summer.” And, he DID!”