Previously on Billions: Season 1 Finale “The Conversation”

Previously on Billions…

Axe is waiting for Wendy out on the street. He is unusually wearing a suit. He comes bearing the gift of a new car as a present for their session in ‘Magical Thinking’. He is just about to go and meet Wags as they are on a capital raise. Wendy thinks Axe is ready, but the investors may not be.

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Lonnie is back at Southern District and Chuck puts him straight on to a tip about criminal activity by Bobby. This cannot be tied to Chuck who tells Lonnie to start with Mick Danzig.

Wags is carrying all of Axe’s paperwork because Axe is the principal who must arrive unburdened, apart from his brilliant ideas. They are on their way to their first capital raising meeting. The first one does not go well with them getting a ‘wait and see’ who else jumps on board.

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Countdown to season two of Billions

It doesn’t seem that long ago since Axe and Chuck tore their respective houses down in their own way, but it is and the countdown to Billions season two is on! They start without Wendy, and it serves them both right!

Season two starts on Sunday, February 19 on Showtime. A warning for spoilers for season one for anyone who has yet to see it all. There are still 13 days until season two hits TV screens so here are a selection of our posts on season one:

We give our own best of Billions season one and would like to hear what yours are. Donnie was one of the highlights for me and I am sad that he is no more, but still think that the Donnie situation may come back to haunt Axe in season two.

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From the Trader’s Desk: A Review of Season 1 of Billions – Capturing the Essence of the Hedge Fund World

Hello from the “Trader’s Desk”!

As we get ready to enjoy the second season of Billions, we thought we would introduce our upcoming new series “From the Trader’s Desk” with my review of Season 1.

“From the Trader’s Desk” will be my take on what’s going on in the show (and a little fact checking) from the point of view of a Wall Street trader. I hope you enjoy reading it as much I enjoy writing it! Now, without further ado…

“Those who can, trade; those who can’t, prosecute.”

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That phrase came to mind once I knew the synopsis of Billions. Hedge Fund Titan (Bobby Axelrod) vs. the US Attorney (Chuck Rhodes). It’s a scenario that’s been playing out on Wall Street for some time. The players change, but the song remains the same.

I’ve spent my whole career on Wall Street; working my way up from a back office clerk to finally running my own money. So, I come into this show not only with the knowledge of the terms and situations, but also with the perspective of the hedge fund world. Continue reading “From the Trader’s Desk: A Review of Season 1 of Billions – Capturing the Essence of the Hedge Fund World”

Well, How Did I Get Here? Lady Trader’s Fan Story

And you may ask yourself, well
How did I get here? – Talking Heads

Damianista often visits New York, and when she does, we try and get together to chat and catch up. On one of her Spring visits, on a subway ride home, she asked me how I became a fan of Damian Lewis. I told her the story and her reaction was: “You should post that on the blog!” When I finally wrote up my story, Damianista came up with the brilliant idea of getting stories of how others became fans of Damian Lewis and posting them on the blog. How interesting it would be to read everyone’s stories and to see just how we all became a happy, FUN community! Damianista sent the word out, and the response was amazing!

We will be publishing fan stories right here every Tuesday. Damianista was gracious enough to let my story be the first one to get us rolling, so here it is! Continue reading “Well, How Did I Get Here? Lady Trader’s Fan Story”

Bobby Axelrod: The Boy Whose Dad Never Came Back, Part I

source: Showtime
source: Showtime

I have a hunch Billions Writers’ Room has someone that grew up with a single parent. It may even be likely s/he grew up as a single child with a single parent. Because, otherwise… how do they know so well, exactly like I know it, how that playbook goes? Well, maybe they just know…

I obviously did not know, but knew — because I just FELT it — Bobby Axelrod grew up with a single parent way before it was revealed in Episode 11 Magical Thinking that Bobby’s dad “never came back.” How come I knew? I think it was little bits and pieces provided over the course of the season… but it may well be that those bits and pieces got my attention a little bit more because I know it when I see it.

Anyhow, this is the story of how, little by little, I studied the Bobby Axelrod family puzzle 😀 And I guess this makes this post about me as much as about Bobby.  Continue reading “Bobby Axelrod: The Boy Whose Dad Never Came Back, Part I”

Damian Lewis, An Englishman in New York, 2016 Edition

You know the worst thing about being a hardcore fan is the dry spells, these times when the object of your fandom is hard at work, filming, and no where to be seen. You’ve already watched most of his entire oeuvre, some of it many times over. And there is nothing to fill the void. Particularly egregious for such a time to come as we are also mired in the sludge of arguably the worst election of recent history, when the worst possible words and images are assaulting us from all our screens on a daily basis. Wherefore humanity? Wherefore truth and beauty? Wherefore art? And alas, wherefore Damian?

But, you know the best thing about such times is that we have you, dear fans, posting your sightings and run-ins. And we have dear Damian himself graciously posing for pics with you, his dear fans. So we bring you what has become an annual post: Our Englishman in New York.

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