Spa Tubs, Bodice Ripping, and Paper Fights: Billions New Clip

Alluring new Billions clip came out this week and we at the blog did some alluring chatting back and forth on what it all could mean. Had every intention of putting together a pixel by pixel report: but, alas, the hours got ahead of me and all I got was two very alluring stills.(alluring…the only synonym for tantalizing I could think of 🙂 ) Thus my post for you this week is a rehash of one of my first ones for Billions. Tell you one thing: every new little bit we see makes us all the more anxious to see even more. Two months to the day: Billions will be on screen!

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If it was up to us, Damian Lewis would need to work 24/7 :)

source: Hollywood Reporter
source: Hollywood Reporter

I told you earlier about how many blog posts come out of our casual conversations within the team. This is yet another one.

Being the two huge Harry Potter fans that we are, Bookworm and I are talking about the NEW Harry Potter play with now adult Harry & Co. and focusing on Harry’s son Albus Severus the other day. And just because we really want our favorite actor to have a part in our favorite fiction, I come up with the idea that, being red head and all, why not Damian play the adult Ron Weasley? And Bookworm comes up with a much better idea that I will not spoil here – she should write on that Harry Potter character she believes Damian would kill in! So… you get the idea… Going deep in conversation about roles we think Damian Lewis would be PERFECT for is a favorite pastime in our team and our typical joke is if it had been up to us, the poor guy would have to run from set to set and set to stage and back for 24/7 and not have a minute to spare for his family or for his sleep or for himself… So… Thank God it is not up to us! Continue reading “If it was up to us, Damian Lewis would need to work 24/7 :)”

Coming Soon (we hope!): Our Kind of Traitor

This week brought news of Lionsgate purchasing distribution rights to one of Damian’s many projects currently “in the can” and awaiting release: Our Kind of Traitor. So this week has me veering away from my usual florid prose and simply presenting a bit of background and a small taste of what we can expect when this spy thriller, written by John Le Carre and filmed in London (and Morocco), eventually comes to our screens.

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Trivia Tuesday with Carrie & Brody Love Story

source: showtime
source: showtime

I don’t know what it was that had you hooked on Homeland, but I know that, for me, it was not the CIA story… Not at all… It was Carrie & Brody love story that made me a die-hard Homeland fan and kept me at the edge of my seat for three seasons. Carrie and Brody made me, and a lot of other fans, believe in their impossible love with the incredibly natural chemistry that Claire Danes and Damian Lewis had on screen! And, I just turned a deaf ear even when they gave us hints this may not end up well — think about Carrie’s “Imagine that!” to Brody’s “But we could be happy, couldn’t we?” or Brody’s “Maybe this will all end in tears….” and rooted for my favorite star-crossed lovers to live happily ever after against all odds! Yes, yes, I know, I know, as my mom loves to say “it’s not a love story, it’s a CIA show” , but I just couldn’t help it, the love story was just too tempting to fall for that I loved the love story in the CIA show… And that’s probably why, even though I watched Season 4 and thought it was a good storyline, I just felt it was missing something… well, someone… And, the highlight of Season 4 was those five minutes that almost got me that Brody was back — which I blogged about here. Continue reading “Trivia Tuesday with Carrie & Brody Love Story”

Throwback Thursday to Damian Lewis in American Buffalo!


A recent article in Evening Standard  mentioning a certain someone as one of the most influential people in London Theater in 2015 first inspired me to do a throwback to one of the best stage performance I have ever seen in my life: Damian Lewis in American Buffalo!

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Queen of the Desert at AFI Fest, Los Angeles

imageedit_37_8702110920On the occasion of a screening of Queen of the Desert at AFI Fest in Los Angeles on November 8, my post this week will be a mash-up of what I’ve written about the film so far.

Truth be told, Queen of the Desert has had, at best, mixed reviews everywhere it’s been screened. All signs point to the film being a rather conventionally shot story of West meets East. The muted palette with which it’s filmed lends it the feeling of a world seen through a thin layer of dust. Yet while we feel the heat rise off the sand, it seems we’re also at a cold remove from the characters. Perhaps this is one of the biggest critiques of the film: that the layers of dust don’t really let us into the character’s hearts. For his part, Damian Lewis in the part of Charles Doughty-Wylie (Richard) certainly does try to convey the contents of his heart in his scenes with Nicole Kidman as Gertrude Bell.

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