Previously on Billions: Season 2, Episode 6 “Indian Four”

Axe is waiting in the back of Boyd’s Limo, Boyd having paid the $5 mil bail. Axe tells Boyd that Rhoades will flip one of his men and Boyd replies that he already has. Axe tells him to let Hall do the necessary.

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Ira is meeting with Chuck, who does not want to tell Wendy how bad matters are in relation to the lawsuits. Ira suggests Chuck sells the house, but Chuck is not for it.

Boyd has a night time rendezvous with Hall, who makes the arrangements for bribing the witness who is co-operating with Chuck. It isn’t pretty. Continue reading “Previously on Billions: Season 2, Episode 6 “Indian Four””

Previously on Billions: Season 2, Episode 5 “Currency”

Wags arrives at Axe Capital, parking his car right outside the front door and walking with purpose towards Bobby’s office. He ignores the greetings of others and heads in to face Bobby’s “clean” test. Wags starts to speak seriously, but is cut off by Bobby before he can be heard. Bobby is unimpressed with whatever is going on with Wags and where he has been for the last 48 hours because Bobby has been fighting yet another battle.

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48 hours earlier…there is a celebration outside of Sansomic. It does not last long though as the genius behind it goes home, walks through his front door and then right out of his window. This sounds brutal and it is, because that is exactly how they shot it. It was a horrible moment. In and out.

Mafee is seen hurtling towards Axe’s office declaring “Axe, we are f****d” but Axe is not there to hear about Sansomic’s catastrophe.

Axe is meeting with Nicky and second son, Gordy is introduced to him. First impressions of Gordy in the Pilot were that it was he, not the eldest child, Dean, who was an Axelrod mini me. Those first impressions appear to be right. He certainly knows only suckers bet when they don’t know how it will end. Perhaps the writers are going with the idea that the second child (of two) is the most daring.

Axe is talking to Nicky about whispers he has heard about a Casino. Gordy reappears with Axe’s phone because “it is blowing up”. Boyd is calling about the Sansomic stock and Sam Brandt from Street Scoop want Bobby on her show which is bad news. He has three days to fix this.

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Previously on Billions Season 2, Episode 4 “The Oath”

Wendy is being shown around a space station. She is to do a psychological evaluation of an astronaut, Elena.

Axe is meeting with Mark Cuban who gives Axe some advice drop the vendetta against the US Attorney and focus on winning hearts and minds today because Axe is otherwise too loud for the NFL.

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The AG’s new assistant is in NY to check on progress of the Spartan Ives case and let Chuck know how precarious his situation is.

Axe calls Sanford Besinger who interestingly calls Axe, Robert. Wendy might say it just means that he knows his given name, but I say it means a very comfortable familiarity.

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Previously on Billions: Season 2, Episode 3: “Optimal Play”

Bobby wants to buy a football team and is wondering where his seat will be.

Chuck and Wendy are at marriage counselling and the discussion is around the effect on the children. Kevin asked his dad to make vows with him, specifically not to leave Kevin and Eva and to get back together with mom. Chuck promised they would always love Kevin and Eva and put them first, but could not promise the latter, only that they would try. Wendy is clearly moved by the fact that Chuck is not making promises he can’t keep and will not us his children to get what he wants. The counsellor says “that is intimacy” and you can feel it in the scene.  Jania Jania was right in her ep review for Dead Cat Bounce…their marriage is stronger than they think. However, Chuck still has to get his own place and he is struggling with that because it makes the separation more permanent.

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Wags is clean shaven, but Bobby seems to doubt he is clean elsewhere and tells him to take another shower. I don’t think we want to know! Just before that order, the two of them are talking about the upcoming poker game and the fact that Todd has been mouthing off on twitter about it. Wags says Todd is better than Bobby at poker and Bobby concedes the point.  Continue reading “Previously on Billions: Season 2, Episode 3: “Optimal Play””

Previously on Billions Season One

Let’s hear it from Axe 😀

Our Countdown to Billions continues with a  blog collective “Previously on Billions Season One”. Previously for episode 12 of Season One (only) will be up a couple of days before Season Two episode officially airs on Showtime on 19 February. However, you can now see the first episode of Season 2 on Showtime and the Billions YouTube channel.

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Previously on Billions: The Good Life

Previously on Billions…

Bobby arrives at Axe Hills on his expensive Bike to pick up eggs for breakfast. There is something about Bobby swapping his flashy bike for Tito’s very ordinary, but flower decorated bike that makes me love him even more.

Bobby is playing hardball with Wags. He’s not giving Wags anything but orders to ditch everything and the job of telling the investors as well.

Chuck is impatient and Team Chuck is feeling it because they have not been able to get very far as of yet in finding a way to get at Bill Stearn. Dale calling Chuck “dude” is a highlight. Kate steals the limelight, not for the last time this episode, by asking Bryan if he is still keeping emergency deodorant in his office. He says yes and asks her if she needs it. She looks at him pointedly and answers “no”.

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Bobby is cooking breakfast for Lara and the kids. Chef Ryan jokingly asks if he is out of a job to which Bobby says that “breakfast is all he can handle” and Lara gives us some insight into her husband’s cooking skills by adding “yeah, trust me. We need you back”.

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