Coming soon: Prime Time Emmy Awards Nominations on July 16 UPDATED


Mark your calendars, ladies and gentlemen: July 16, 11:30 am EST.

We had fun with James Bond rumors and bets for a while, but hey, let’s not miss on the real thing coming our way very soon! Prime Time Emmy Awards nominations will be announced next week on July 16, and Gold Derby predicts Wolf Hall is likely to be a strong contender for several awards in the Mini-Series/Movie category with Damian Lewis as a possible nominee for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Mini-Series/Movie.

As much as I second a certain someone who says “I don’t believe in judging art” I also find awards predictions exciting and fun! So… why not take a quick look?
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Nicholas Brody has LEFT the building…

source: Daily Mail
source: Daily Mail

I bet, being a BIG Elvis fan, Damian would be proud of my title for this piece 🙂

Well, tell me, what could be a better day than combining a shopping trip to Ikea in Charlotte with a quick visit to my Homeland Mecca?

Homeland was our local TV show before they moved to South Africa for Season 4. They filmed the first three seasons mostly in Charlotte, a two-and-a-half hour drive from our house in Durham. And, I never visited the set thinking that they would always be there and I could visit one day… Oh, yes, shoot me!

The Brody house was at the core of Homeland in many ways in the first three seasons. It is the place where it all started and also ended in a way…

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Throwback Thursday to Will: A Liverpool Movie with Damian Lewis


Today’s throwback takes us to Will, a football movie that Damian Lewis made a few years ago. Will is not just a football movie; it is a Liverpool movie and most of you probably know by now that Damian is a BIG Liverpool fan! And, I’ve been inspired to do this throwback today thanks to a recent tweet by Damian about a new Liverpool campaign! Continue reading “Throwback Thursday to Will: A Liverpool Movie with Damian Lewis”

Happy Anniversary to Damian and Helen! Let there be fireworks forever!

Summer means lots of time for doing things, being with family and friends, getting out and about, and less time for reflection or putting together long thoughtful blog posts. So, feeling at a loss for words, my post this week will be a pretty picture essay featuring our favorite pretties.

At times marriage seems to include as many distinctive ideals as there are people who are married. This week the basic human right of the freedom to marry got a revival and fresh face in America. And this week also marks the 8th wedding anniversary for Damian Lewis and Helen McCrory. Damianista will post her own anniversary tribute on the day: July 4. Indeed, Damian and Helen celebrate their wedding anniversary the same day America celebrates her independence, so let the fireworks commence for both!

Following are some of my favorite shots of these two. They are a remarkably stunning couple. Makes you almost forget the Brangelina’s and the Amal-Clooney’s of the world. Mostly because what Helen and Damian may lack in Hollywood high gloss (and the requisite and sad need for bodyguards everywhere they go), they make up for in rich intelligent resumes showcasing the sheer undeniable talent they both possess.

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A Look Back to 10 Weeks of American Buffalo with Damian Lewis, Part II

source: Damianista
source: Damianista

In case you missed Part I, which is mostly about the actor, the play and the fans, you can read it here.

I, of course, have no idea about how stage actors organize their lives. I just know they work during prime time, that is, they WORK as we go out and eat and watch TV and go to the movies and thereby their routine should be different from us. I also remember Damian commenting on this very thing in the 5 Minutes with Damian Lewis interview:

So, I was really curious if life would sort of stop for our guy during his crazy 10 week long theater run with 8 performances a week — would he just shuttle between home and work?

Some actors may just do that, but not Damian Lewis. He is such an energetic guy that he filled those 10 weeks with a number of extra-curricular activities including one that is said to score 9 out of 10 in terms of stress levels.

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A Look Back to 10 weeks of American Buffalo with Damian Lewis, Part I

source: Daily Mail
source: Daily Mail

Damian Lewis has said good-bye to American Buffalo in a tweet on Saturday just before his last two performances:

source: @lewis_damian twitter
source: @lewis_damian twitter

Sad to say good-bye indeed… 10 weeks were gone with the wind and American Buffalo is no more. It was super exciting to have Damian Lewis back on stage after six years and I sincerely hope — for selfish reasons — that he will not take such a long break from stage ever again! And, please, Damian, come to the Great White Way next time and make your American fans happy, too 🙂 Continue reading “A Look Back to 10 weeks of American Buffalo with Damian Lewis, Part I”