Fan Stories Turn into a Book and Land in Damian Lewis’ Hands

It all started with a random conversation on the subway.

I am a part-time New Yorker. Lady Trader, on the other hand, is a true New Yorker, born and raised in Brooklyn, now living on Long Island. The two of us try to meet almost every time I am in the city over some yummy dessert and tea at Veniero’s and chat for a few hours. Then we take the subway together: Lady Trader gets off at Penn Station to take the LIRR home and I continue uptown.

On one of my spring visits in 2016, on a subway ride home, I asked Lady Trader how she “discovered” Damian. When she told me her story, and it was hilarious, I told her she should really write a blog post about it. And as soon as she drafted her story, a NEW idea was born! Wouldn’t it be FUN if we invited all fans to write their own stories about how they became Damian Lewis fans? Continue reading “Fan Stories Turn into a Book and Land in Damian Lewis’ Hands”

Damian Lewis Plays a Tudor King and Hangs out with the Windsors :D

source: USA Today

USA Today, in an interview about Wolf Hall and Henry VIII, asks Damian what it is that makes the Royal Family so intriguing:

“They provide a lot of stories. I think they are best and they are great ambassadors for the country but they provide fairy tales… Prince Charles and Princess Diana fairytale which you guys over here… goodness… you know… just lapped up and they become great sources of fascination… “

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Damian Lewis in Top Gear

Driving into work today came the unsolicited thought, hey, we haven’t seen Damian in proximity to a car in ages. Then the mind went to one of the shots from the Billions S3 promo. The one where Bobby is gliding through a sea of lovely hot rods, perhaps picking out one to take out for a test drive. Of course, the mind said, you’re not crazy for randomly thinking about Damian and cars; You just saw that image recently, that’s all. (My mind likes to talk to itself, no biggie.)

So, when Damianista and I had our usual Tuesday late afternoon chat about what my weekly post should be, and since I didn’t have anything new, I thought, why not post Damian’s turn at Top Gear again?

Then, as serendipity would have it, on the drive home, listening to NPR’s “Fresh Air”, I heard Terry Gross’s interview with  a lovely young woman, Patrice Banks, who had opened up a mechanic’s shop run by women, with the goal of making women comfortable with taking care of their cars. Is car care the last frontier for women, I thought? The name Danika Patrick rings a bell, even to those of us outside the NASCAR circle, so that diamond-cut chrome-plated ceiling must have been traversed on some level. But, yeah, it is kind of uncomfortable as a woman to go get a car looked at, with the ever-present thought that the guys are going to take advantage of the fact I know little and care little about my mom car, a little Mazda, accept for the expectation that it keep carrying me around town when I need it to.

Alas, sometimes the universe decides for you. So, here’s my post on bearded Damian’s appearance on British Top Gear. Enjoy!

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Showtime Billions at TCA18

It’s been a long winter, but now that Billions has announced a return date of March 25 for Season 3, bluier skies may be ahead. On Saturday, showrunners and stars graced the stage for this year’s Television Critics Association winter press tour, where they dropped the first promo and got the buzz up and running for the new season.

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TOP Damian Lewis Moments 2017: Hand in Hand

“He’s never given me any reason to be jealous.You know… he’s lovely, otherwise I wouldn’t have chosen him. If I don’t think he’s lovely, we’re all screwed.” – Helen McCrory

Damian and Helen hand in hand at Chessington World of Adventures, source: Daily Mail

It is no secret we adore these love birds, or love butterflies, if you will, and we are extremely pleased to end the year, exactly like we did in 2015 and 2016, with our favorite Damian & Helen moments of 2017!

Well, it is obviously not easy to be two ridiculously talented and busy actors living together and raising a family. I remember Damian telling us at Cheltenham Literature Festival that the problem never goes away:

“When you’re two actors living together, you’re always asked to do work away from your home, so you just have to decide which ones are important enough to go and do away from home and try to spend the rest of the time together.”

And that is exactly what Damian and Helen have done in 2017.  Continue reading “TOP Damian Lewis Moments 2017: Hand in Hand”

TOP Damian Lewis Moments 2017: Philanthropy

What’s the key to happiness? Gratitude. And what’s the key to gratitude? Giving! The great irony of genuine heartfelt philanthropy is that, at its core, it’s just about the most selfish thing one can do. It feeds the soul in ways that nothing else can. And it’s a self-fulfilling cycle: with more giving, comes more gratitude. Really, for most people with beating hearts, after a certain age, when you’re surrounded by all the “stuff”, all the trappings of comfort and warmth, the richest luxury is to able to give some of it back, to your community, to causes you care about.

It seems Damian, in his myriad charitable and philanthropic pursuits, has figured out that formula well. You’ve heard about several of these pursuits already, from his relationship with the Sohana Research Fund to Soccer Match for Grenfell. Here are a few more pieces of evidence that Damian doesn’t take any of his success for granted and gives with all his heart whenever and whereever he can.

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