Billions 2.01: Risk Management

By now, you’ve seen Billions S2 opener, “Risk Management” and have probably read Damianista’s excellent episode recap. Now, from me, you’ll get some of the “emotional truth” in this episode.

Bobby is a spiral of disordered nervous energy. When he stands in front of his people, in what is ostensibly a morale building exercise, there’s a tension to him that wasn’t there when he climbed on top of file cabinets last season and mobilized the minions to batten down the hatches when he first found out he was under investigation. This time, it seems to be a combination of him standing in the dark in front of a lit but otherwise blank screen and a certain air to his words that make you wonder if he even believes what he’s saying. He’s primed for battle, but in a sort of unprepared, grasping-at-straws way.

Even though Bobby didn’t suffer anything more than the self-inflicted destruction of his offices, revenge must be exacted. Leave it to the Billions writers to never come at Chuck one simple way. They seem to coax out ways to hurt Chuck via lovely twists in prior events that you thought were meant to never touch him. Continue reading “Billions 2.01: Risk Management”

Billions Premiers in NYC

Billions Season 2 premiered in NYC on Feb 13. You know as well as we do that where there’s a red carpet and our beauties are out and about being beautiful, we’ll be there to bring you the glamorous highlights.

Variety and Vogue both tell us the party and screening of the first episode of the new season were held at Cipriani on Broadway, an opulent events space, fittingly right across the street from Wall Street’s iconic charging bull sculpture.

Gotta love this shot of Showtime’s David Nevins taking a selfie with his peeps.

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46 Reasons to Love Damian Lewis

It’s our favorite leading man’s birthday February 11. The lot of us got together to flesh out all the various things we love about him. How many things did we come up with, you ask? Why, 46, of course, to coincide with the number of trips Damian has made around the sun. Happy Birthday Damian!


1. He’s a smart cookie. Damian often speaks self-deprecatingly of not having gone to university, of just becoming an “ACT-terr” as if it’s comparable to lugging timber or fixing leaky faucets. Maybe this speaks to the differences between professional and vocational education in the UK vs. here. (although there used to be more vocational opportunities in the States once upon a time too) But, heck, if he’s a “drop-out” then the folks on this side of the pond have a lot of catching up to do in terms of basic liberal arts education. He knows his stuff.

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A Taste Here, a Taste There: Showtime Billions S2

I’ll be the first to admit that as a hardened cynical member of the grungiest contingent of Gen X, I’m not one to put much importance on advertisements. Don’t need no one shouting at me to buy their thing, I know what I need to buy, thank you very much. Therefore, unless they make me laugh, I tend to ignore ads, fast forward, skip over, keep walking. Come to think of it, laughter is the one and only emotional impulse worth weaving into whatever you’re selling to a woman of my demographic. You’re welcome marketers.

We hear that the best ads, be they video or print, are designed to imprint a brand on our consciousness by wrapping it up in a story. The lanky model gliding down curved neo-renaissance marble stairs? Why, look, how elegant and worldly you’ll be if you only buy this perfume! The sweaty sports guy kicking ass in some random sport? Why, if you drink the stuff he drinks, you just may kick ass too!

My cynicism ran deep and true. That is, until I started following this star you see up there in this blog’s header. He didn’t need to do any selling as far as I was concerned, but I did slowly realize the fact of life that many a millenial has caught on to decades before I ever did. Folks who want to succeed, particularly in competitive, highly visible fields in the limelight, do need to brand themselves and sell themselves. And shows that said people are on need to do promos to get the buzz going. Since I started writing for this blog, ads that I would’ve once ignored or derided are suddenly requiring second and third looks and lengthy discussions about what it all means. Especially when a certain someone is featured in them. Yes, I know, I know, an ad featuring Damian Lewis is just another hammer hitting another kind of reflex meant to elicit a particular response from a woman of my demographic. But it’s not just *that*, okay? (Doth the lady protest too much? Eh, probably.)

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Visit Back to “Somebody That I Used to Know”

The minute we learned that Homeland would be filming in New York City this year, an image immediately popped into my head. I tossed it around back channel a few times, and found the idea just wouldn’t go away. It persisted, demanding to be fleshed out in a bigger space than a chat window.

Now that Homeland S6 has started on Showtime, the thought of Carrie Mathison running into Bobby Axelrod is still haunting my watching of the show. True, Carrie lives and works in Brooklyn. Her world is obviously very different from the Midtown Manhattan, financial district, upstate NY, and Hamptons mansion world of Bobby Axelrod. Truth be told, the world of Homeland doesn’t seem as married to place as the world of Billions is. Carrie would be Carrie anywhere in the world. But Bobby, I’m sensing, is truly Bobby only within the borders of the Empire State. Regardless, this season, the two characters are within miles of each other, so why the heck not wonder about something totally improbable yet perfectly delicious to imagine? (Also, fun to note: Max is back this season after being gone the previous season of Homeland, and he’s in my story!)

Believe me, I realize full well that the idea is as soapy as heck. Nonetheless, still super (bittersweet) fun to visualize and a relief to get down in words. So, here you have it: a short fictional encounter, a one-shot if you will, between Bobby Axelrod and Carrie Mathison. Enjoy!

Standard disclaimer: I own nothing, neither of these characters, nor their history, real or imagined, not the coffee they share, nor New York City, their current home.


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Why Damian Lewis? JaniaJania’s Fan Story

It all started with a tweet. One that got a fair share of RTs and Favs and one I sweated delivering a pithy response to. But my response couldn’t possibly fit in 140 characters:

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