BEST of Life with Charlie Crews


Hello – Holliedazzle here! Welcome, one and all, to the Life with Charlie Crews series wrap up! In this post, we’ll all be weighing in with our highlights (and lowlights) of the entire series. Let’s jump right in, shall we?


At the center of Life lies the heart and mind of a man who gets his life back, along with a $50M settlement and his LAPD badge, after 12 years in prison for a murder he did not commit. Charlie Crews is quirky and charming and funny, but vulnerable and even sinister at times. He’s a walking proof of the wide range Damian Lewis can deliver as an actor. No wonder New York Magazine calls him “the you-can’t take-your-eyes-off-him star” in Life. Damian takes a good network show and elevates it to another level.


So what do I talk about when I talk about the BEST of Life? Continue reading “BEST of Life with Charlie Crews”

Desert Island Discs with Holliedazzle

Hello, Fan Fun readers! It feels like it has been a long time since I last sat down to write for the site. I’m so glad to be back again, joining in on all the fun!

As a burlesque performer, I get to combine my favorite things a lot. My costuming skills, my love of certain characters or styles, and then of course, the music! From pop to rock to classical to movie soundtracks, I get to perform to whatever I choose!

I perform to Gabage’s Supervixen in this costume!

And naturally, as often as I can, I perform to my favorite band-Garbage. From the first album I owned on cassette, to the most recent I’ve downloaded onto my iPhone, I love them all. I can listen to hours of Garbage on end-I’d definitely take them with me to the island! So today I am going to take a page out of my burlesque life and I am going to mix my love of Garbage and my love of Damian Lewis into my own Desert Island Discs! Continue reading “Desert Island Discs with Holliedazzle”

Bobby Axelrod Season Three: Quiet Rage

Oh my goodness, friends. It’s almost Billions Season 3 time!  It’s also finally becoming something resembling spring in Minnesota.  Our snow is melting, the first robins should be spotted any day now, and that’s great and all….but I really can’t wait for March 25th.

So I’ve spent some time, over the last couple years, comparing the way that Damian Lewis plays Bobby Axelrod in season 1 versus 2.  This re-post will refresh your memory, and is also the perfect companion for a marathon re-watch session.  Pop in those DVD’s and follow along!

Make sure you read all the way to the end, where I’ll weigh in on what my impressions and predictions are for season 3’s Bobby!

As always, I’ll be viewing Damian’s work through the lens of a Delsartean. Continue reading “Bobby Axelrod Season Three: Quiet Rage”

The Fan Fun with Damian Lewis Holiday Gift Giving Guide 2017 Edition!

Holiday greetings to you all!  I am thrilled to return, once again, for an updated version of our annual gift giving guide. If you have a Damian Lewis fan in your life, this post is for YOU!

Yep, that’s me! Photo by Vortex Photography

I am a burlesque performer, who specializes in holiday-themed acts.  Being known as the “Queen of Christmas”, I love merging my two worlds and bringing my love of the holiday season AND my love of all things Damian into one fun post.  It’s also a nice creative break for me, since I have been costuming and act developing for this season since August.  I’m putting down the tinsel and picking up the keyboard! Here are some of our tried and true favorites, and some new picks-enjoy! Continue reading “The Fan Fun with Damian Lewis Holiday Gift Giving Guide 2017 Edition!”

I finally watched Damian Lewis in Band of Brothers

This show is not for me.

I’ve always known this, that’s why I have never watched it. I’d start thinking about the subject matter, remember photo stills of the scenes I’ve glimpsed over the years, and just KNEW it would be nightmare city for me.  You can call me delicate, call me a wuss, I don’t really care. This show? This show is not for me.


But I need to be clear: I do not want, for one moment, for my thoughts on war or my inability to sit through a show this intense, to be mistaken for criticism or ingratitude for the sacrifices made by so many. I am a descendant of men and women who served, and I benefit every day of my life because of those who went before me. I would never disparage their time spent defending our country, and their great sacrifices in doing so. Continue reading “I finally watched Damian Lewis in Band of Brothers”

Bobby Axelrod Season 2: The “eyes” have it

Hello, friends!  Hope your summer is going really well.  We’ve rounded the corner to August now, which in Minnesota means STATE FAIR TIME! All the fried food on a stick, people watching, and petting goats that you can handle!

oh look, a slow day

I am basically inside the house hiding from the evil “day star” (I am fair with freckles, tanning ain’t for me!) so I’ve been re-watching some favorite shows to pass the time.  Season 2 of Billions, of course, has been an easy choice!  Let’s stroll back, together, and tell a tale of two Bobbies!

source: Showtime

Let’s do a little comparison work between the Bobby of season one, and the Bobby in season two. As always, I’ll be viewing Damian’s work through the lens of a Delsartean. Continue reading “Bobby Axelrod Season 2: The “eyes” have it”